Your guide to getting started within the NFT world. We've curated a selection of articles to help you navigate and begin your NFT journey. Your digital art future starts here.

An Introduction to NFTs for Absolute Beginners

A bright NFT future

Are NFTs real? And here to stay? Oinbase Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam, an early crypto champion, believes the world is changing before our eyes. Read Fred's interview with Vanity Fair

How to get involved in the NFT space

Binance is one of the World's largest crypto exchanges. in this video they explain how NFTs work, a little bit about the state of the NFT landscape, and how to use Binance to mint and sell your NFTs. Binance has its own blockchain, which is important to remember whilst viewing the video. Watch the webinar

How To Become a Crypto Creator

A simple slide presentation on developing your creative works on the blockchain, how to sell your work, what ownership in the digital context means, and how this environment can offer a path of success as an artist. Find out more

Navigating NFT Artwork

Imagine walking into a shop and buying a painting. Buying an NFT Artwork is a virtual version of that, with the buyer keeping the digital asset in their digital possession. Read more

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