We've got your monthly mix of captivating articles featuring AI Art, World's First Bitcoin Economy, Ninantic'a Peridots, iPhone Macro Photography, Epic Art Collectons and The First Touch.

April Mixer: AI Art, Bitcoin Economy, Peridots, iPhone Macro Photography, Epic Art Collectons and The First Touch.

Going Wild for AI Art

From dinosaurs playing frisbee to horse-riding astronauts in space—you type it, and DALL-E 2 will make it. And we for one, are totally here for the outputs. Find out how it works

World's First Bitcoin Economy

With the growth in crypto-enthusiasts, it was only a matter of time before nations began to adopt Bitcoin in a more significant way. A small, private island in the South Pacific Ocean will soon become the first crypto-haven. Read about it

Tamagotchi meets Pokémon Go

Think of it like a Tamagotchi crossed with Pokémon Go, with some real-world and AR elements tossed in. Developers Ninantic introduce Peridot, an original property augmented reality game full of adorable magical critters. Disover the Peridots

The Magic of iPhone Macro Photography

Capturing the little details, in a big way, Apple initiated a macro photography social media challenge using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge. The entries were magnificent. Check it out

Restaurants with Epic Art Collections

Stylish yet comfy furniture? Check. Striking ceramics and cutlery? Check. The perfect playlist? Vibe check. Incredible art? Now that's an added bonus. Discover the restaurants

The First Touch

A euphoric display of being at one with Mother Earth. A short film by photographer Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer shows us the importance and simplicity of enjoying what nature has given us. Watch "The First Touch"

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