Fabrik welcomes Twine, the job matchmaking platform to its partner family. The best quality freelancers hand-picked for each project ensures a perfect result for every gig.

Fabrik and Twine Close The Loop For Creative Professionals

There’s this common misconception that a successful creative professional relies heavily upon some sort of talent arbitrarily bestowed upon oneself. However, the truth is resembles that of a Facebook relationship status: It’s complicated.

Here at Fabrik we only play a small role in your creative success - we’re here to make you look good and shout about your work. This is why we believe in the power of unity and, today we're proud to announce our partnership with Twine, the talent platform of choice for hundreds of thousands of freelance creatives.

It's All About Timing

Illustration by David Vanadia

Why now? The timing couldn’t be better. At the precipice of global changes which will change the shape of work as we know it, there hasn’t been a more urgent and charged moment to add more creative talent to our industry.

Let’s face it: The industry is moving at a project-based pace and hordes of freelance talent will be needed to cover the ever-growing needs from filmmaking to advertising to game design. In light of the most recent developments, we're witnessing the unravelling of the traditional nine-to-five formula and a significant tide towards entrepreneurship. This new employment contract appears to be particularly appealing for creatives; After all, inspiration is a nuanced concept that rarely flows within the boundaries of a cubicle or set job hours.

Here’s the caveat though: Being a freelancer in a creative capacity requires an aptitude to wear multiple interdisciplinary hats that may or may not be mutually exclusive. Combining the horsepower of Fabrik and Twine provides you with a holistic platform which take away all the unnecessary hats so that you can focus on what matters: your work. Twine matches job purveyors with proven freelance creatives to create long-lasting synergies and impactful, timely work. Moreover, its tight-knit community provides fertile ground for collaboration among interdisciplinary talent and the potential for influential work.

Collage by Jordan Wade

Whether you’re on the buyer or the supplier side, with Twine you can briefly showcase your best work, browse various candidates and manage your freelancer relationships and workflow. As a creative, you can encourage your clients to visit your Fabrik site where you can build portfolios of relevant work from your entire body of work, showcase concepts, treatments and progress, utilise password protected projects, set for-your-eyes-only private portfolios - and of course show off your work once you have delivered all the assets. The possibilities are endless.

Now let’s get that bread.

Cover image courtesy of Esther Lalanne