Our monthly round-up of fresh creativity from our community. Featuring Marco Raimondo, Neuf Cinq, Nine van Weert, Solanne Marechaux, Heather Vida-Moore, Mark Unrau and Tobia Sempi.

Fabrik Conditioner: April 2023


Marco Raimondo is a Digital Artist

Marco's new conceptual project A V A T A R S, leverages AI tools like Midjourney to create a link between human and AI generated beings. Inspired by a quote from Albert Einstein: "The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of mysterious. it is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavour in art and science..."

Check Out 'Avatars'

Creativity Comes First

Neuf Cinq are a Production Company

Based in Montreal, Neuf Cinq provide video production solutions specialising in cinema quality commercial projects. At Neuf Cinq, originality reigns supreme which is reflected in their unique roster of award-winning Directors.

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Nine van Weert is a Costume Designer
The Netherlands

Nine van Weert is a Costume Designer specialised in millinery. Her colourful fantasy-like designs speak to the imagination and open up worlds of which we can only dream. She has a good eye for detail and due to her background, she combines craftsmanship, concept and design seamlessly.

Check Out Nine's 'Headpieces'

Fashion Film

Solanne Marechaux is a Fashion Film Director

Solanne Marechaux is a Fashion Film Director born and raised in Paris. He started his career in the fashion industry through modelling but always had a passion for filmmaking. Today thanks to his experience in fashion Solanne produces campaigns and editorial for brands such as; Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, IKI Beads and Sportalm.

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Heather Vida-Moore is an Artist

Heather Vida-Moore is a visual artist from Hamilton, Ontario, and an elected member of the Colour and Form Society. Although she enjoys experimenting with various art mediums, she is primarily a painter whose work is often abstract, featuring complex, organic forms and patterns.

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The Canadian Rockies

Mark Unrau is a Photographer

Mark showcasing how truly spectacular our planet is whilst travelling the Eastern Rockies and Kananaskis. The perfect showcase for Earth Day.

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Tobia Sempi is a Cinematographer

Tobia grew up in an analog world and loves to shoot film. He is all about storytelling, from films to commercials, music videos and TV. Tobia says he has learned to stop worrying and love the pixels.

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