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Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Theo Watkins, Julien Lassort, Sophie Hart, Tillman Light Drawing, Mike Fisher, Alexis Duran, Kate Stonehill, Julie-Annabelle Schimel, Chkmod, Elliot Wilcox, Ezra Reverda, Juan Carlos Pagan, Nikita Popkov, Colin Solal Cardo, Popscience, Maria Cobra, Joel Honeywell, Kane Rowlingson and Vanessa Coquelle.

Fabrik Conditioner - August 2018

Black Heart

Sophie Hart

Styling for the launch of Black Heart v.2 by Sophie Hart for Map of the Heart.

View Black Heart

Julien Lassort

Production Company

Julien Lassort of Sleak is a French director and motion designer. He has worked on music videos for Metronomy, commercial videos for luxury and CPG brands and objects on fire.

View Julien's Work on Sleak

Lamborghini Aventador S

Tillman Light Drawing

What a beauty; Lamborghini Aventador S captured by Gregory Tillman.

View the Aventador S

ITV World Cup Titles

Mike Fisher

Memories of Fifa World Cup with these beautiful titles for ITV directed by Mike Fisher.

View ITV World Cup Titles


Theo Watkins

Samaritans: sifting through mountains of weird and wonderful archive footage to create this video for Bristol-based band Idles, presenting a fractured and skittering picture of toxic masculinity.

View Samaritans

Jente de Cuba

Alexis Duran

A few buses, taxis, shuttles, Uber's and even a short one-hour flight, gave Alexis Duran the opportunity of exploring Cuba, Guatemala City, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Semuc Champey, Flores, El Remate and Tikal.

View Jente de Cuba

Fake News Fairytale

Kate Stonehill

Fake News Fairytale’ takes us to the epicenter of the 2016 presidential election. No, not USA. Veles, Macedonia. Official selection at the Sheffield Docfest 2018.

View Fake News Fairytale


Julie-Annabelle Schimel

Julie-Annabelle Schimel is a Parisian photographer who has resided between France and Spain developing her photographic work in both countries. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, as well as exhibitions at the Amsterdam Show Case, the Berliner Liste and the Art Fair Madrid.

View Technophobe

Inbetween 2018

Chadwick Kenneth Halbritter

Ideas designed in-between renders and downtime by ckhmod.

View Inbetween 2018

Wonderland x Beauty

Elliott Wilcox

New work by Elliott Wilcox for Wonderland Magazine.

View Wonderland x Beauty

Ezra Reverda

Ezra Reverda
Director of Photography

Fabrik Curator Series with Ezra Reverda - Netherlands based director of photography working across fashion, narrative and commercial film. Ezra is involved in various art and theatre projects which combining his talents with more autonomous artists like Arent Weevers, Ruben van Leer and Machine.

View Ezra's stills portfolio

& Poster

Juan Carlos Pagan
Graphic Designer

Trippy typography from the New York based designer, typographer, and multi-awarded Creative Director with merits from D&AD, Clio Awards, ADC Young Guns.

View & poster


Nikita Popkov

We’re getting strong analog glitch vibes! DoP: Nikita Popkov for Markus Riva's music video; Orange.

View Orange

5 Dollars

Colin Solal Cardo

French pop singer Héloïse Letissier aka Christine And The Queens is following up her 2014 breakthrough with a killer new music video 5 Dollars.

View 5 Dollars

Motion Reel

Motion Design Studio

Bubbles! Pastel Colours! Beautiful Animations! Check out Popscience.tv’s work.

View the Popscience motion reel

Our Blood Our Body

Mariana Cobra

The documentary 'OUR blood OUR body'; a new feature film for FOX. A contemporary portrait of 5 generation Z girls around the world dealing with life challenges, starting with their first period. Released this month on FOX Latin America, coming soon around the globe. Beautiful, poignant work.

View Our Blood Our Body

The Ayes Have It

Joel Honeywell
Director of Photography

Directed by Savanah Leaf, this is the first film from Motion Poems’ Season 8, 'Dear Mr. President,' released on the web. Tiana Clark's poem is included in her collection I Can’t Talk About the Trees Without the Blood, which won the 2017 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize.

View The Ayes Have It

Spielberg Posters

Sam Gilbey

Classic films, revisited posters. Officially licensed Jaws, E.T. and Jurassic Park posters. Produced in collaboration with Iron Gut Publishing and licensed by Universal Studios.

View Sam's Spielberg Posters

Node Fest 2018 Idents

Kane Rowlingson

A Technicolor dream. Node Fest 2018 idents. The animation follows the journey of an adventurous astronaut as he traverses a wormhole from one dimension to another. Node Fest is Australia’s premier motion design and animation event, it brings together leading animators, designers and creatives from across the globe. Each year idents are created by many of the industry’s best to be screened and showcased at the event.

View Node Fest 2018 Idents

Dourstalgia 2018

Vanessa Coquelle

Dour c’est l’amour. Bidding farewell to the festival season. Here’s to the next one! Photo series at Dour Festival.

View Dourstalgia 2018

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