Creativity in all it's glory. Featuring Andrea Jones, Maxime Berger, Pete Harrison, Oleg Morozov, Maria Belokonskaya, Nate Camponi and Rodrigo Fonseca Santos.

Fabrik Conditioner - August 2022


Andrea Jones is a Fine Art Photographer 

Andrea uses her artwork as a medium of personal expression and a way to capture the world around her. Influenced by her professional background, style and aesthetics, Andrea uses her vision and life experiences to create art - primarily with architecture, landscape and travel.

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Don't Speak

Maxime Berger is a Director of Photography 

Maxime works in commercial, music video, fiction and art video. Equipped in super16 analog cameras (aaton XTR and bolex EL), he shoots on film the majority of the time which characterizes his aesthetic.

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Guardian One

Pete Harrison is a Digital Artist 

"In terms of the creative industry NFT’s are here to stay and are growing in market capitalisation year on year, not only for digital art but all sectors of entertainment."

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Oleg Morozov⁠ is a Visual Artist 

Oleg's main passion is focusing on creating style frames and motion graphics for projects and feature films.⁠ He worked on the development of various illustrations for skateboarding shop and clothing brand, Supreme.

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The Exaltation of the Beloved

Maria Belokonskaya is a ⁠Photographer and Film Director 

The exaltation of the beloved signs the second collaboration with the musical artist Najam Hathor - A reconnection with the nature.

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Nate Camponi is a ⁠Film Director 

Nate's life long love of cinema has given him an unnerving quality to make any script come to life. His commercial work includes campaigns for Talisker, Jack Daniels, Nike, Hyundai and more alongside short films that have been selected at many international film festivals.

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Fine Art

Rodrigo Fonseca Santos is a ⁠Photographer & Filmmaker 

Rodrigo was drawn into photography, his first artistic vehicle and obsession. Cinema came later through a friend's invitation, to record a music video, and since then has been cementing itself as another means to express his art.

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Get In Condition

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