The August round-up of Fabrik's finest.

Featuring Ariel Palanzone, Cain Fowler, Tian Tang, James Jones Smith & Rick Krisman.

Fabrik Conditioner: August 2023

Ariel Palanzone is a Multidisciplinary Artist
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ariel is a multidisciplinary artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His works range from digital images, collages, furniture and sculptures. Consistent themes across Ariel’s artwork explore the grand ideas of time and the meaning of human existence. The featured images are taken from his personal project ‘Brutal.'

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Cain Fowler is a MUA
Aarhus, Denmark

Cain is a make-up artist whose craft has led her to gain huge followings across various social media platforms. From the ‘glamorous to the out of this world', Cain’s abilities are clearly displayed across her wide body of work, the platforms it is seen on and the high profile people she’s worked with.

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Tian Tang is a Filmmaker
New York, USA

Tian is a NYC based video director, specialising in Creative Direction, Videography and Editing for brands, artists and individuals across fashion, music, art and culture. Tian’s work ranges across a wide spectrum and carries a unique quality that has led her to work with hugely recognisable names.

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James Jones Smith is a Videographer & Model
London, UK

James Jones Smith, based in London, UK, is a jack of all trades and master of all of them. You're not short of variety in James' portfolio.

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Rick Krisman is a Photographer

Rick Krisman is a Netherlands-based photographer who strives to create images that captivate the viewer & capture the mind - Primarily working with models at this stage, his defined style is something that can be seen across his imagery & portfolio.

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