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Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Pål Ulvik Rokseth, Ash K. Halliburton, Haakon Andersen, Christian Van Duuren, Evaldas Cesnavicius and Karmilla Shelly

Fabrik Conditioner - December 2019

Pål Ulvik Rokseth

Cinematographer Pål Ulvik Rokseth is based out of Oslo, Norway with representation by UTA in the US. His work is powerful and considered - dark, muted tones bring depth and gravity to his feature films.

Watch Amundsen by Pål Ulvik Rokseth

Ash K. Halliburton
Art Director, Producer

Creative director, art director, production designer Ash K. Halliburton produces this amazing photoshoot for magazine Cap74024 for Yves Saint-Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, photographed by Michal Pudelka.

Explore the project

Libby Burke Wilde

Based on multiple true stories which gives a frank portrayal of the awkwardness, sensitivity and often humiliation that characterises many early experiences of menstruation. Director & Photographer Libby Burke Wilde creates ABSENT, a short film about period poverty in the UK. Made for Freedom4Girls UK.


Fabian Kimoto
Director of Photography

Hunter Sabrina Bloch and straight-edge vegan Hermann Dill are equally passionate about animals. Yet their ideology and lifestyle could not be more different.

Watch Clash

Haakon Andersen
Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and illustrator Haakon Andersen likes large canvases. Equally comfortable inside or outside, his long, detailed murals demand a little time and attention, revealing more depth and detail the longer you give them.

Discover Haakon's work

Christian Van Duuren

At the end of the year Christian Van Duuren, photographer and filmmaker, showcases his book of intimate, sensual black and white female portraits.

See Christian's 2019 Wrap

Evaldas Cesnavicius

Evaldas Cesnavicius has a globetrotting career which most recently found him generating ideas and looks for new Bang & Olufsen products. A good amount of time was dedicated for RND process.

See Evaldas' work

Karmilla Shelly

A series of manipulated images by photographer Karmilla Shelly, drawing inspiration from classic fables, Greek classics and romantic literature or to the masters of the Renaissance. Here: “Emptiness" - the emptiness and the invisibility of the human being in contemporary society.

See Karmila's 'Guilty Red' Series

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