Bidding farewell to 2021 with show-stopping work from creators; Matthäus Bussmann, Theo Cottle, The FRYM, Iness Rychlik⁠, Morgan Matyjasik, Federico Urdaneta, Julien Alary, Christopher Sabogal and Kalina Gunnarsson.

Fabrik Conditioner - December 2021

Matthäus Bussmann

Matthäus Bussmann grew up being inspired by films and their reflection of ever-changing youth culture. He is an award-winning Director whose work includes commercials for VW, Schweppes, Porsche, Coca-cola, Reebok and hundred others. His style is driven by a contemporary visual aesthetic with engaging performances across a range of genres and categories, including automobile, fashion and lifestyle.

Watch Matthäus' Schweppes Commercial

Theo Cottle

Photographer Theo Cottle's captivating new work featuring Justice, a Nigerian migrant who fled poverty taking a boat from Libya to Sicily. Losing 20 of his friends on the harrowing journey, his story really hits home.

Discover Justice's Story


Taking inspiration from the folk painting techniques and Orthodox Eastern-European art, The FRYM has paved a unique path to becoming a symbology-driven artist. The FRYM is constantly developing their visual style of form and expression, experimenting with rhythmic energy of their imagery and text in intricate compositions and expressionistic paintings.

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Iness Rychlik⁠
Photographer & Filmmaker

⁠"In my self-portrait photography, I often use antique garments or props to draw visual parallels between my experiences as a woman and the inferior female position in the nineteenth century."

View Iness' Portfolio

Morgan Matyjasik
Photographer & Filmmaker

Photographer and Filmmaker Morgan Matyjasik⁠ bringing the festive spirit and sparkle ✨

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Federico Urdaneta
Film Director

Federico Urdaneta is a Colombian Film Director who has lived and worked in New York City, Italy, Sweden and London. Following an artistic residence in the Fabrica institute in Treviso, Italy he now lives in London, UK, where he works on films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos.

Discover Federico's Portfolio

Julien Alary

Julien Alary⁠ is a freelance international Colourist who has created a tantalising sensory experience of complimenting palettes for Jeannel's music video, Horses.

Watch Jeannels' 'Horses'

Christopher Sabogal

Christopher Sabogal is a Photographer with a background in Cinematography. Having worked as a Director of Photography on award winning work in TV and Film, Music Videos and TV Commercials he has been fortunate to have worked and collaborated with some of the most talented directors in the UK and worldwide.

Check Out Christopher's Photo Journal

Kalina Gunnarsson
Fashion Stylist & Creative Director

Fashion Stylist and Creative Director Kalina Gunnarsson's rigorous approach and passion for the arts draws on her earlier background in curatorial studies in fashion and contemporary design. Her styling for her feature ‘Colorblock’ for Mob Journal is the pop of colour we’re all needing this winter.

Discover 'Colorblock'

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