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Fabrik Conditioner: February 2023

Get Lost

Cuero Cuero is a Photographer & Fashion Stylist

"I have to admit that sometimes I start thinking directly in colours, textures and different ways of styling. I love to treat the image as if it was a sculpture, only paying attention to the way it moves. Normally, all the images have a context even if we didn’t think it."

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It Lives on Lionsgate+

Paul Campion is a Matte Painter & Concept Artist
New Zealand

Paul creates visual effects for film, TV and TV commercials. He has worked in the UK, US and New Zealand as a matte painter, texture painter and concept artist on projects ranging from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy to Sin City and Captain America: Civil War.

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Jess Fee is a Director

Jess is a Director and Writer residing in LA. She has worked with brands like Apple, Snapchat and Sony Music to create colourful, playful visuals that have a signature sense of both humour and curiosity.

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Korean Mythos

CKHMOD is a Creative Director

Chadwick Kenneth Halbritter is a Creative Director who utilises the art of cinematography, storytelling, and conceptual design. Created using DALL-E I, mixed C4D and PSD, Korean Mythos is an NFT collection, exploring Korean Shamanism and Mythos of the regions.

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Get In Condition

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