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Fabrik Conditioner - January 2019

Poppy France - Fractals

Poppy France
Make Up Artist

Fractals are self similar patterns which can fit into everything natural.⁣ Poppy specializes in cruelty-free, clean beauty and extends beyond the traditional meaning of a make up artist.

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Hosier - Movement


After a lengthy break Hozier returns with yet another song of soaring intensity. Masterfully directed by directing duo Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor of Us, the promo video features star dancer Sergei Polunin.

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Kajsa Rhodin

Kajsa Rhodin

A brilliant portrait shot, aided by ample natural light⁣. We love sharing our members’ personal projects - they're as important as commercial ones. Keep them coming.

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Minka Jones

For Allianz via Tribal Sofia No Agency⁣. Lovely light and movement.

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Jorja Smith

Shaun James Grant

Fabrik Hero Shaun captures Jorja Smith behind the scenes⁣. What we like: The intimate connection between photographer and subject sometimes not visible in press photos, but in plain sight during off the record sessions.

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Design Scene

Julie Schimel

Fashion photographer Julie Schimel shoots Alienation for the January print issue of Design Scene.

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Al About Women

Mark Kilroy
Art Director

Mark Kilroy is an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Animator currently working as Motion Creative at the Sydney Opera House. For the latest All About Women Festival, Mark brings to life an animation aimed at celebrating International Women's Day with a full day of discussions about the latest thinking on gender, #MeToo, rape culture, female anger, and the global reach and breadth of feminist thinking.

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Joseph Nile Lau

Joseph Nile Lau

British born Joseph Nile Lau is a filmmaker and photographer. He's also the founder and creative director in the newly founded, Article Dept., a multi-faceted creative atelier. Joseph's work has graced the Bible of fashion WWD, as well as WGSN, Highsnobiety Magazine and most recently in Highsnobiety's anticipated book, 'The Incomplete Guide To Street Fashion and Culture’ by Gestalten International Publishing House.

Read Joseph's Fabrik Hero Interview

Malcolm Crowther - What A Happy Picture

Malcolm Crowther

Gold in CGI & Character for Malcolm Crowther and his work "What A Happy Picture" at Fresh 18.

View What A Happy Picture

Brave Digital World

Mateja Železnik

Silver in Architecture for Mateja and her work "Brave Digital World" at Fresh 18. As part of her Master’s Thesis, Mateja submitted a novel center which focuses on treating internet addiction, while abiding by the ethos of modern architectures.

View Brave Digital World

Danny Ivan - Pattern Is My Beach

Danny Ivan
3D Designer

Bronze in CGI & Character for Danny Ivan and his work "Patterns Is My Beach" at Fresh 18. Danny creates conceptual imagery based on abstract patterns.

View Patterns Is My Beach

Benedict Spence - Roadkill

Benedict Spence

Gold in Cinematography for “Roadkill" at Fresh 18. Roadkill is the story of Den, a middle-aged convict from inner-city London, as he reflects upon his past and the events that led to his incarceration over twenty years ago.

View Roadkill

Romance Of The West

Adrianna Favero

Carbon in Fashion for Adrianna Favero and her work in "Romance of the West". Western Inspired fashion is a trend that has been alive and well in American fashion over recent years. As the reality of the American West disappears in our modern world, it is increasingly idealized and reimagined through fashion and popular culture.

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Adriano Rodrigues

Carbon in Make Up Arts for Adriano Rodrigues: "I found that I fell in love with Neon UV photography and I was finally able to express myself artistically. The fascinating thing working with UV light is that it's dark in the room and you have absolutely no idea what the project will look like”.

View Vixen

Project Alive: Finn

Christian Schultz

Gold in Documentary for Christian Schultz and his "Project Alive: Finn" film. A sweet, moving film about Finn, a young boy struggling with a rare terminal disease who’s parents are searching for a cure.

View Project Alive: Finn

Morning Mood

Torsten Müehlbacher

Torsten Müehlbacher wins Gold in Natural and & Landscape for capturing glorious morning scenes in Bavaria.

View Morning Mood

The Robotanist

Matt Whittington

Carbon in Cinematography for Matt Whittington for his work in "The Robotanist".⁣⁣

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