Creativity in all it's glory. Featuring Trix, James Chegwyn, Matthew Hoosh, Luìs Monteiro, James Vodicka, Jeremy Charbit and Aris Ziotopoulos.

Fabrik Conditioner: January 2023

Maria Vasconcelos

Trix are a Production Company

Trix is a Production Company based in Portugal. Founded in 1996 as an animation boutique but have since introduced filmmaking, directing and photography. Part of their creative talent is Photographer, Maria Vasconcelos, a natural perfectionist with a meticulous eye.

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Rosie Lowe

James Chegwyn is a Cinematographer

James is a Cornish Cinematographer with experience traveling and working around the world on feature films, music videos, documentaries, commercials and short films.

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Matthew Hoosh is a Director of Photography

Matt is a Director of Photography based in London, UK, specialising in music videos and campaign commercials. He has worked with the musicians such as; Aitch and Rita Ora alongside well-known brands; Dr Martens and EA Sports.

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Harpers Bazaar

Luìs Monteiro is a Photographer

Luìs is a Fashion Photographer residing in London. Creating visual magic for the Harpers Bazaar Couture special.

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James Vodicka is a Photographer

James is an award-winning Australian travel & lifestyle Photographer. With a professional career spanning over a decade, James has refined his appreciation for the unique and noteworthy; for stays, destinations and experiences that truly inspire. Developing a tourism-focussed portfolio of boutique accommodation, outstanding experiences, luxurious islands and vibrant regions, James' passion is fuelled by the next opportunity to photograph the best in travel.

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Aqua Revive

Jeremy Charbit is a Director

Jeremy is a Paris Film Director who is renowned for his stylish and fun films in the beauty and fashion realms. As a visual storyteller, he aims to keep elegance and emotion to each story. For Jeremy, It’s not only about composition and colours, but an emotion that might be found in one intimate close up or sound effect, expressing a whole feeling and direction.

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Nelya Suites

Aris Ziotopoulos is a Cinematographer & Photographer

Travelling globally, Aris is well-known for his captivating campaigns for the most beautiful resorts and suites in his beloved home country, Greece.

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