Spring is in full swing and we've got all the inspirational new work that you'll need featuring creators Sade Ndya, Diana Neto, Jordan Wade, Filipe Neto, Emile Holmewood⁠, Rive Noire⁠, Trip Kramer Productions⁠⁠ and Edit Ballai.

Fabrik Conditioner - March 2022

Made In her Image

Sade Ndya

Sade Ndya is an LA based Cinematographer, who also specialises in Fine Art Photography. Sade’s creative style is grounded in surreal-like imagery, intricate attention to production design and dynamic lighting dedicated to portraying the beauty in being black. Thinking the world was hers as soon as she owned her first DSLR, Sade began by just making films about people with stories to tell. All of these moments collectively becoming a part of her and who she is, shaping her knowledge and awareness of the world. She wants to promote this sense of self-actualisation with her work. To help people become proud of who they are, where they came from, and what they believe in.

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Diana Neto

With a muse for fashion, here's what Photographer Diana Neto had to say about how she encapsulates the connection between nature and humans within her work. 

"Nature is where I heal. Whenever I’m feeling sad, unmotivated or anxious, a walk in the forest or a dip in the ocean brings my soul back to a good place. I believe most humans feel this way, and that’s because nature is so pure and powerful. In my work as a photographer, I try to incorporate different elements, the sea, the sun, flowers, rocks, anything really. If I go on a nature walk and find a beautiful flower, I pick it up and use it on some portraits later. During a shooting, if I spot an interesting rock or branch, I incorporate the entire frame around it. The sense of stillness and connection to nature just come naturally to me because it’s part of who I am." -Diana Neto

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Jordan Wade
Collage & Mixed Media Artist

Jordan Wade is a Collage and Mixed Media Artist residing in Arizona, USA. His art specialises in surreal, humorous, and oddly-intriguing collage works. Jordan uses vintage photographs from all kinds of sources, such as old National Geographic archives, mid-century comic books, autochrome images from the early 1900s, and even Tumblr. To a lesser extent he makes glitch art, with techniques like data bending, cloning and distortion filters in Photoshop.

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Filipe Neto
Photographer & Film Director

Filipe Neto is a Portuguese Photographer and Film Director. He is inspired by his travels around the world, and aims to capture reality and express his sensibility through the use of his creative force empowered by natural light.

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Character Sampler

Emile Holmewood⁠

Emile is an award-winning Illustrator and Animator, born in New Zealand and currently based in Tokyo. His background in graphic design informs his illustration work, where he enjoys the challenge of transforming complex ideas into humorous images.

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Cabinet De Curiositiés

Rive Noire⁠
Digital Agency

Rive Noire pays homage to Renaissance cabinets of curiosities and creates a diptych with strong colour universes. Mysterious forest or precious harvest, these two paintings feature naturalia, artificialia, scientifica and exotica.

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Trip Kramer Productions⁠⁠

Tripp Kramer is an EP and Producer specialising in commercials, documentaries, and music videos. He has produced award-winning creative for global brands, national networks and major labels.⁠ A stunning production and #gameoftones for Tripp's model shoot 'Ensemble' for The Industry.

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Coria 066N

Edit Ballai⁠⁠
Concept Artist

"Once I have the concept in my head about what I want to tell, I create impressions within my mind about possible frame ideas. I spend usually a day or two just to gather some references; photos, mood and different lighting examples." -Edit Ballai

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