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Fabrik Conditioner: March 2023

Julien Thiverny is a Director & Cinematographer

"A few months ago, an image came to me of a group of futuristic farmers contemplating from a far the collapse of society and the ongoing climatic crisis. They were in a strange paralyzed and graceful state. These young and privileged creatures - very much like me - moved away from the city to flee the disintegration of the old world, contemplating the collapse as if it were fiction, as if it was enough distance to in-still poetry and aesthetics on the desolate view. I can't help but parallel these images with the current situation."

Check Out 'YPROJECT'

Esther Lalanne is an Illustrator

Esther's illustrations are mainly focused on women’s rights, inclusivity, sexuality, mental health and relationships. Her love for animation brings her to create highly lively characters and a strong sense of movement and narration. "I want to depict a world where women, people of every race and sexuality can take up more space, and are free to exist without expectations or limitations. I believe that images have the power to influence real life."

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Lena Modigh is a Photographer

You might have spotted the photography of Lena Modigh in the likes of Wonderland or Vice; her particular way of seeing can be defined by its hazy lighting and girlish models gazing wistfully into a distance. In her spare time, Lena also edits and publishes Period., a photography zine that focuses on female narratives by female-only contributors.

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Konan David Markosy is a Choreographer & Movement Director

Konan is a multi-faceted performer, mentor, and creative force. Born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, he honed his skills as a self-taught dancer while growing up in France and discovered his passion for the art form. A dance journey through the depths of Anhedonia, the loss of interest, passion and motivation for things you used to enjoy and the fight to reclaim it. A story of resilience and revival told through movement, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Discover 'Anhedonia'

Academy Films are a Production Company

Academy Films' new ad ‘Masterpiece' for Coca-Cola literally brings art to life. Several of the artworks were shot in live action as well as making use of cutting edge AI. An interesting signal of how machine learning might be incorporated into projects of this kind moving forward.

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