Flourishing creativity from across the globe featuring Fabrik creators Mark Warmington, Valentin Guiod, Colin Solal Cardo, Cuero Cuero, Alfred Thirolle, Loek Hennipman, Helen Leech and Fabian Kimoto.

Fabrik Conditioner - May 2022

Mark Warmington
Director of Photography

London-based Director of Photography Mark Warmington works in documentary, commercial, music and narrative production for film and television. Passionate about creating cinematic imagery, Mark strives for an impactful and emotional response from every frame.

Check Out 'Welcome to the Metaverse⁠'

Valentin Guiod⁠
UK + France

Director Valentin Guiod's latest global digital campaign for Audemars Piguet is an immersive timeline spectacle are we're all over it ⏱️🔥⁠

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Colin Solal Cardo⁠

Colin Solal Cardo is a French Director based in Paris. He is most known for his work with French collective La Blogotheque, the internet music film phenomenon for which he shot dozens of international artists. Colin's tribute to the iconic Manfred Thierry Mugler for Numero Magazine is très magnifique! ✨

Check out 'Mugler Couturissime'

Cuero Cuero
Photographer & Stylist

"[...] Referring to myself and my creative process; I think it’s important to connect with the moment we are living as a society because this is what really makes the difference about a regular image or an honest picture. In my case, I have to admit that one of my best sources of inspiration is the people I've met." -Andrea Benayas González

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Alfred Thirolle⁠
Director of Photography

Congrats to Director of Photogaphy Alfred Thirolle and the team, Alexandra Genova, Ronnie McQuillan, Vlad Barin, Emil Joseph, Pablo Scopinaro, Louis Tompkins, Ollie Drummond, Spencer Young, Francis Cullen, Ben Young and Together TV who won a well deserved BAFTA for their short film 'Our Land' 👏🌱🎞️

Watch 'Our Land'

Loek Hennipman⁠
Photographer & Filmmaker
The Netherlands

Loek Hennipman is a Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker. Personal contact and nature predominates his work and he allows these two to merge by adding surrealistic colour accents. With this interplay between reality and fiction, he tries to deceive the viewer.

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Helen Leech⁠⁠
Interiors & Lifestyle Photography

Helen Leech is an Interiors and Lifestyle photographer living in London, UK. Her visually tranquil portfolio sets the mood and we feel she might just be the queen of aesthetic.

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Fabian Kimoto⁠⁠

The beauty of light in water. Mesmerising new work from Cinematographer Fabian Kimoto, entitled 'The resurrection of your inner power' with dancer Park Kwangsuk. "In a crisis like now, our focus shifts towards taking actions and trying to control of what we can. It’s important to surrender also our female energy and connecting to our inner power. A moment of calmness so we are able to receive."

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