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Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Robbie Cooper, Stian Smestad, Nick Marchant, Ruben Esperanza, Luis Monteiro, Charlie Sarsfield, Tom Turley, Steve De Neef, Andrea Jones, Mariana Cobra, Kajsa Rhodin, George Messa, Stock & Barrel, Christopher Sabogal, Romain Boileux, Gwen Ghelid, Guy Soulsby, Henry Scholfield, Nicolae Negura and Daniel Voldheim.

Fabrik Conditioner - November 2018

Robbie Cooper - Immersion

Robbie Cooper
Creative Director

Robbie Cooper was born in London and raised in the UK and Kenya and has been working as a Creative Director and artist, across tech and media startups, R&D and creative production. Be sure to catch up with his #Immersion body of work which captures reactions to e-sports and video games.

View Immersion

Stian Smestad - Water Cycle

Stian Smestad

Stian Smestad directs commercials, music videos and short films. His multicultural upbringing and studies are mirrored in his work filled with captivating landscapes and powerful images.

View Water Cycle

Nick Marchant  - Gaggenau Limitless Imagination

Nick Marchant

IT'S 👏 ALL 👏 IN 👏 THE 👏 DETAILS 👏 Shot by director Nick Marchant for Gaggenau.

View Limitless Imagination

Ruben Esperanza - Niger - On Assignment

Ruben Esperanza

Ruben Esperanza, filmmaker and photographer has worked in independent, commercial and TV films, including documentaries in places across the globe, from Argentina to Niger and across Europe. From his month-long assignment in Nigeria, he produced a photo report for the records of FUDEN and AECID while witnessing and documenting the health conditions for women and children.

View Niger on Assignment

Luis Monteiro - Margaret Zhang for Bulgari

Luis Monteiro

Margaret Zhang on the secrets to creative success in Bulgari for Hunger Magazine shot by Luis Monteiro.

View Margaret Zhang

Charlie Sarsfield - Analogue Photography

Charlie Sarsfield

Charlie Sarsfield is an accomplished director shooting for Zara Larsson, Major Lazer, MTV, Channel 4, Vevo, and The Olympics, but his star is also beaming bright in analogue photography as well.

View Charlies' Analogue Photography

Tom Turley - WWF - Hunting the Poachers

Tom Turley
Director of Photography

In Kenya's Maasai Mara National Reserve, a small team of rangers equipped with thermal imaging cameras and drones are fighting back against an onslaught of heavily-armed poachers. Tom Turley with WWF and Wired to tell their story..

View Hunting the Poachers

What Sperm Whales Can Teach Us About Humanity

Steve De Neef

Steve De Neef is a New England based filmmaker and photographer working around the world for production companies, magazines and NGO's creating impactful and authentic stories. Here ‘What Sperm Whales Can Teach Us About Humanity’ is all about the work of photographer Brian Skerry, shot to accompany NatGeo’s October 2018 issue.

View What Sperm Whales Can Teach Us About Humanity

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones

More landscape and nature magic by Andrea.

View Andrea's Portfolio

Mariana Cobra - Girls Love Airbnb

Mariana Cobra

Rio welcomes everyone: Here’s Bibi and Thaís a lovely couple enjoying their stay. New work by Mariana for Airbnb.

View Girls Love

Kajsa Rhodin - Elena

Kajsa Rhodin

Hailing from Sweden Kajsa Rhodin’s work has brought her to Vienna, where she strives to create cinematic images of fleeting moments never to be recreated again.

View Elena

Toyota HiLux - The Arctic Mine

George Messa

Once upon a time, 200km into the Arctic Circle, in -22C degrees… New work for Toyota by George Messa.

View The Arctic Mine

Stock & Barrel

Stock & Barrel
Photography Studio

Stock & Barrel specialise in deep, rich photography for the shooting & field sports industry - covering shoot days to high-end commercial work for brands. The team share a passion to showcase the pursuit and the countryside in the best light.

View their work

Christopher Sabogal - Photo Journal

Christopher Sabogal
Director of Photography

Top of the world, amazing shot.

View Christopher's Photo Journal

Romain Boileux - Cap Town

Romain Boileux

Romain Boileux videographer, photographer: When he’s not working for clients, he travels bringing us heartwarming postcards from around the world.

View Cap Town

Gwen Ghelid - Moodoid - Langage

Gwen Ghelid

Moodoïd's addictive 'Langage', is sung in French, English and Japanese and explores - what else?- the function of communication. Shot by Pablo Padovani, edited by Gwen Ghelid.

Watch Langage

Guy Soulsby

Guy Soulsby

Leaving Yorkshire for London was definitely a good decision for Guy Soulsby. Ten years later he has directed commercials for Playstation, Knorr, Samsung and, lately, Konica Minolta.

View Guy's Portfolio

Henry Scholfield - Dua Lipa - IDGAF

Henry Scholfield

Beautifully choreographed, highly conceptual; Henry Scholfield directs Dua Lipa's IDGAF and wins a UKMVA for best pop video.


Nicolae Negura - The Love Playlist

Nicolae Negura

Nicolae is the first of our Fabrik x Ello showcase winners. Originally from Romania, Nicolae has decided to make Lisbon his home and his source of inspiration. His work is a combination of strong, saturated tones and a rough ink trace that resembles vintage comics.

View The Love Playlist

Daniel Voldheim - 1881

Daniel Voldheim
Director of Photography

A beautiful new take on the Prodigal Son story for 1881 captured by DoP Daniel Voldheim.

Watch 1881

Glitch, Mix, Slide

Glitch, Mix, Slide: A perpetual work in progress

In this Fresh 18 report we explore the role of technology in creating high definition, works with an element of distortion or in a yet-complete state of flux, hybrid universes and flowing shapes, evolving in the bat of an eyelid.

Read Glitch, Mix, Slide

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