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Fabrik Conditioner - October 2019

Ben Joiner
Director of Photography

No film can potentially transmit the sheer power and style of a @ferrari car, however, DoP Ben Joiner comes as close as it gets with this brilliant video for SF90 Stradale which exudes dynamism and gets us straight to the driver’s seat. Ben has an impressive career as a director of photography spanning 20-plus years, which has taken him on film assignments in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, Africa the Middle East and High Arctic.

Watch the Ferrari F90 Stradale trailer

Ash K. Halliburton
Art Director

Thirteen beaches by photographer/videographer Abdulla Elmaz, art directed by Ash K. Halliburton

With a prolific career, Ash K Halliburton is an Art Director, Creative Producer, consultant & Director based in London. Working primarily in editorial, brand communication, social content, campaigns, commercials, and now in-house with various record labels. We can't get enough of her visually groundbreaking work

Ash K. Halliburton's portfolio

Ruben Ventura

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Ruben Ventura gives us this sensational photography campaign for the brand Mayu No Kimono.

See the campaign

Daniel Voldheim
Director of Photography

The undeniable musicianship of The National comes to life on their latest album, an ode to feminine voices where the baritone timbre of singer Matt Berninger is a piece in a collage of moments.

The film for their seventh album, is directed by Mike Mills and features stellar photography by Daniel Voldheim.

Watch I'm Easy to find

Daniel Marini

Raised in Rome to a race driver and a flight attendant, director Daniel Marini has plenty of fuel to burn. Passionate but shy, he honed his focus towards filmmaking to capture vignettes of the world around him with a deeply-imbued sense of romance and elegance.

Watch Love at the Time of Revolution

Max Boerman

Architect and visualiser Max Boerman has some fantastic experience with large international design projects, interior design, digital modeling, prefabrication techniques and prototyping. He's currently at architecture and design firm Archi-Tectonics in New York.

Visit Max's Portfolio

David Allain
Writer, Director, Producer

David Allain, Writer, Director and Producer has an impressive portfolio of important work spanning advertising to timely work helping sensitive groups and bringing awareness to greater causes.

Read David's Interview

Iness Rychlik

In the words of Frieda Kahlo: “I am my own muse”. Iness Rychlik a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker asserts her feminine side with a self portrait, filled with references of historical drama. Rychlik is recognised for her dark feminine erotica, which has been awarded and exhibited all around the world. She is fascinated by the idea of conveying sexuality and cruelty in a subtle evocative way.

View Iness' Work

Jake P. Reilly

In order to raise awareness and start conversations about the stigma of addiction, director Jake P. Reilly went through 48 hours of opioid withdrawal. Jake comes with years of experience in advertising, having worked for brands such as Audi and Reebok. In this powerful video, he gives his first hand account of how damaging addiction and withdrawal is, urging us to choose empathy and not criticism.

Watch Overdose Lifeline

Andrew Hinton

A half hour documentary following the recovery from career-threatening injury of Tim Don, holder of the Ironman world record. Made for On Running, one of Tim's sponsors, through Hungry Man UK. Filmed in Boulder, CO and Boston, MA. A touching story by filmmaker Andrew Hinton showing the power of resilience and overcoming obstacles that seem -at first- insurmountable. Inspiring.

Watch The Man with the Halo

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