Three-eyed visitors, captivating drone-work & tonal beauty are but a few reasons that we've focused our attention on these incredible creators throughout October.

Fabrik Conditioner: October 2023

Michelle van der Plas is a Director of Photography

Michelle van der Plas is a highly skilled Director of Photography with notable skill in visual storytelling and a self-proclaimed ‘curious vision.' Michelle specializes in capturing the essence of narratives in various forms, including feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. Beyond her extensive experience as a D.O.P., Michelle boasts extra proficiency in roles such as 1st AC, 2nd AC and lighting assistant.

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J. Atkins is a Filmmaker & Photographer

As a creative director, Jimel is a storyteller, creator & well-rounded creative. Without being defined by a singular discipline - Jimel’s landscape photography displays just one of the many strings to his bow.

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Juan Arias is a Fashion Stylist & Art Director

Juan Arias is a globally acclaimed fashion stylist and art director renowned for his exceptional work on projects and campaigns for highly prestigious brands. The hallmark of Juan's career is his unwavering commitment to maintaining a consistently exceptional quality across his entire portfolio.

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Shilpi Deb is a Multi-disciplinary Artist

Shilpi is a Kenyan-Indian artist who lives and works between London & Nairobi. As a recognised & multiple-award-winning artist her work has been seen across the globe. Shilpi’s practice stems from the need to untangle. She is interested by the continuous and fragile idea of the self. How identity is collected and accumulated, what is innate, what is consciously added or unconsciously added by way of conditioning and how this affects her responses, understanding, contradictions and confusions.

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Ben Peled is a Cinematographer

Ben Peled is a talented cinematographer with a distinct and recognisable style, emanating nostalgia and authentic storytelling. Ben’s portfolio shows off a well-rounded range of work from fashion films to music videos.

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