Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Get your fall inspiration with new work from creators Simon Paul, Anthony Hill, Pabz Alexander, Marco Raimondo, Terrence Wilkins⁠⁠, Novemba Films and Javiera Eyzaguirre.

Fabrik Conditioner - September 2021

Simon Paul
Director of Photography

Simon Paul is a Director of Photography residing in London, UK. Alongside Director Nina Gantz, Simon's humorous visuals for Whiskas new commercial found him shooting through water tanks and smearing his lens with vaseline. Entertaining and rather purrfect!

Watch the Commercial

Anthony Hill⁠

Anthony Hill is an English photographer residing in Stockholm. His projects range from fashion and portraiture through to still life and design.⁠ Anthony's fashion exhibition 'Bespoke' for A.W.Bauer Co. is a visual exploration marrying together bespoke tailoring and melancholy expressions.

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Pabz Alexander
Multi-Disciplinary Director

Pabz Alexander is a multi-disciplinary Director, originally from Scotland. His textural & experimental work finds new ways of exploring human nature, and seeks to blur the lines between narrative and documentary. His background in sound design and music provides a strong backbone for commercial work, and his understanding of people and culture fuels his love for longer form narrative and documentary film-making.

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Marco Raimondo
Digital Artist

Marco Raimondo is a self-taught digital artist whose artworks come from the digital blend of handmade sketches representing his real life interactions, thoughts. Simple sketches on paper are transformed digitally, taking on new dimensions and amplifying their meaning. They are born in real time from our interaction with the situations in which we are immersed and their goal is to represent the moods and feelings that crowd our mind.

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Terrence Wilkins⁠⁠
Director of Photography

Terrence is a commercial and narrative, Director of Photography based in the Midlands. His work focuses on stylised realism, which embraces a larger than life look with grounds in reality.

Watch 'Payslips'

Novemba Films

Novemba Films Aussie founders and filmmakers Blair Macdonald & Oliver Clark are bringing us some realness with this touching commercial raising awareness for not only what our frontline workers are going through, but also the incredible work that Frontline19 are doing to support them.⁠

Watch the Commercial

Javiera Eyzaguirre
Director and Photographer

Javiera Eyzaguirre⁠ is a Director and Photographer residing in Miami but previously from Chile. Her work stands out from the crowd: her dexterous handling of light, staging, creativity, and eye for detail speak for themselves.⁠ She has directed and photographed in various places around the world, collaborating with artists, brands, magazines, and celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Phelps, Kate Moss, among others.

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