Robbie Williams goes punk, nostalgic grades from Ireland and the rebirth of Albert Einstein are just a few of the elements featured from September's Conditioner artists.

Fabrik Conditioner: September 2023

Meg Gamez is a Director
Los Angeles, USA

As a first-generation Hispanic-American, Meg grew up in a suburb outside Los Angeles working alongside her Dad on iconic movies. Since then, Meg has made her mark as a director, working on music videos and now commercials for hugely recognisable brands. Her true passion lies in ‘merging the stylish and captivating aspects of music videos with renowned brands.’

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Studio Sangeet are a prosthetics production company

Studio Sangeet is a boutique prosthetic makeup design studio based in the UK. As a collective of fellow artists & and colleagues, they’ve worked on some major projects, which is a testament to the quality of their work.

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Daniel Sedgwick is a DOP
Dublin, Éire

Daniel is a filmmaker from Dublin, Éire whose work shines through the lens of a modern-nostalgic film aesthetic. This sought after style can be seen showcase across a varied body of work & most recently, working with the Irish rap artist ‘Kojaque.'

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Joey Henshaw is an Editor

'Punk’s Dead' is the renewal of the band ‘Soft Play’, which features a commentary on the band's name from ‘Slaves’ to ‘Soft Play’. It even features a surprise Robbie Williams and is 3 minute-ode to punk-infused guitar music. The juxtaposition of moods is perfectly spliced by London-based editor Joey Henshaw, enabling the video to be angry, fun and satirical in equal measure.

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