Contributions from Zest, Lex Deasley, Allie Perry, Oscar Oldershaw, Lucy Mackay, Nicole Charles & Sunniva Birkeland Johansen make up our Condtioner as we head further into 2024

Fabrik Conditioner: Spring 2024

Zest are a production company

Zest are a tabletop food studio where ‘culinary artistry merges with filmmaking magic, based in the heart of Belgium and the Netherlands’. Perfectly displayed with Fabrik’s new theme, Voile.

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Lex Deasley are Creative Strategists

Returning to origins as a brand crafted by and for competitive spirits, Lex Deasley orchestrate vast global campaigns. This campaign's creative core was established within the universally familiar urban arena: the arcade. At its heart was a 120-second commercial showcasing over 30 icons of youth culture, directed by Rollo Jackson and brimming with hidden gems.

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Allie Perry is an Artist

Allie Perry, a San Francisco-based artist, found her artistic calling in 2022 after a life-altering event. Since then, she's been driven by an irresistible need to create, feeling as though her art demands existence through her. This profound connection with her work serves as a dialogue with her subconscious, offering both expression and exploration, guiding her to a deeper understanding of herself and her purpose.

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Oscar Oldershaw is a Cinematographer

Oscar, a versatile cinematographer and artist, has left his mark on commercials, documentaries, and artists' films. Notably, he's worked with iconic brands like Calvin Klein, Moncler, Loewe, and Isabel Marant. His recent standout project was a documentary for Sony Pictures, delving into the life of director Frank Capra, which premiered at the prestigious Venice Film Festival in 2023. Alongside these accomplishments, Oscar has also collaborated with PinkPantheress, bringing his visual prowess to her music videos.

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Lucy Mackay is a Stylist

Lucy, a Scottish stylist now based in London, brings a wealth of fashion expertise from her tenure as a senior buyer in the womenswear industry. Transitioning to a full-time fashion stylist, she lends her seasoned touch to brand campaigns, lookbooks, e-commerce shoots, and commercial endeavors.

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Nicole Charles is a Director

Nicole Charles, director for TV, Film, and Theatre, known for projects on BBC, Channel 4, and ITV. Recently directed "Passenger," a series by Andrew Buchan, produced by Sister North for ITV. "Passenger" delves into a tight-knit community grappling with fear of change, outsiders, and the unknown.

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Sunniva Birkeland Johansen is a Performing Artist & Director

Birk/Bo Productions, led by Sunniva Birkeland Johansen and Sigrun Hasselgård Bøe, united in Berlin in 2018, launching a collaborative journey focused on devising, physical theatre, ensemble work, and improvisation. They traverse grand gestures and intimate poetic realms, aspiring to cultivate a sustainable stage for the performing arts. Now rooted in Oslo, Birk/Bo Productions seeks to craft evocative stage art that transcends urban and rural landscapes, reaching diverse audiences in every nook and cranny.

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