Whether you're a Director, Cinematographer or Editor, your portfolio is not just a collection of your work but a statement of your personality and home to your creativity.

Filmmakers on Fabrik: A Deep Dive into 120 Portfolio Websites

Whether you're a Director, Cinematographer or Editor, your portfolio is not just a collection of your work but a statement of your personality and home to your creativity. We have curated a selection of outstanding portfolios from our Filmmakers along with insights on which characteristics of Fabrik were their top-picks to help inspire and guide you when creating your online portfolio.

Matias Boucard
Theme: Calico

Born in France, Matias is an award-winning Cinematographer whose extensive portfolio is an array of commercials, music videos and feature films. Matias is using Calico, with a thumbnails homepage and stacked project layout.

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Myrthe Mosterman
Theme: Loden

Myrthe Mosterman is a Cinematographer who is always chasing the perfect light. Be it golden hour or a very specific point of view, her imagery paints a whimsical yet totally naturalistic picture, accessible yet out of reach. Myrthe is using Loden with a cover homepage and stacked project layout.

"I was mixing up all kinds of ideas and examples, and found my favorite design at Fabrik. I love the fullscreen images at the homepage and I am very happy with the end result." - Myrthe Mosterman

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Split 50/50, the most popular themes with Filmmakers are Airdura and Calico.

Airdura is an immersive and slick theme that couples gorgeous typography with full-width video that plays across a multitude of devices and has unique block styles whereas Calico offers Filmmakers showcasing lots of projects full customisation options. Both themes beautifully present your projects creating a portfolio that is truly individual.

Malte Rosenfeld
Theme: Jute

Malte Rosenfeld is an award wining cinematographer. With roots in photography, lighting and documentary films the emphasis in all his work is character portraiture and visual story arch to support and carry the story. Malte is using Jute with an featured thumbnails homepage and lightbox thumbnails project layout.

""Fabrik is great - it just works especially with all moving image and the service is excellent, on the very rare event that it is needed." -Malte Rosenfeld

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Lauren Sick
Theme: Tocuyo

Lauren Sick is a multifaceted Writer and Director, whose work spans both the narrative and branded space and has grabbed the attention of clients such as New Balance, Nike, Garmin, Fendi and more. Lauren is using Tocuyo, with a featured thumbnails homepage and video cover project layout.

"I love how user-friendly the site is and the fact that all templates are customizable. I feel like the designers crafted something truly intuitive. And the customer support at Fabrik is insane!" -Lauren Sick

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Neels Castillon
Theme: Airdura

Neels Castillon is a Paris based film director and artist. Named one of the 2018 Young Guns by the ADC/One Club for Creativity, Neels has built a reputation directing visually rich and emotionally engaging films in challenging environments. Neels is using Airdura, with a thumbnails homepage and lightbox thumbnails project layout.

"I love the simplicity and the design of Fabrik. It’s a perfect tool to show your portfolio to the world without being an expert in web design." -Neels Castillon

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Will Dohrn
Theme: Calico

Will Dohrn is a London based Director specialising in commercials, short films and music videos. He is interested in provoking thought around our lived spaces, people and structures, using inventive and unique visual devices to create impactful, feeling driven stories and art. Will is using Calico, with a spotlight homepage and project layout.

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Shaun James Grant
Theme: Calico

Shaun James Grant is one of those artists’ whose career span is impressively jaw-dropping but they don’t quite seem to notice it. A quick look at his portfolio reveals a string of brands and stars gracing his lens - whether it’s for still or moving frames. Shaun is using Calico, with a spotlight homepage and video project layout.

"Everything about Fabrik is easy. It’s easy to set up, it’s easy on the eye, it’s easy to maintain. It brings no additional hassle to my life and lots of little benefits. What’s not to like!" -Shaun James Grant

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It's a tie! Our Filmmakers favour a cover or thumbnail layout for their homepage.

A homepage cover layout gives Filmmakers the ability to create an intro feature on their homepage rather than displaying a featured project - This is particularly favored as it allows Filmmakers to display a highlight reel showcasing their best work in a compelling way. We also found a much higher proportion of Filmmakers using the Lightbox project layouts than other creator types. By including several stills for moving image projects, they're using Lightbox to allow viewers to navigate through them from thumbnail grids.

Rafa G. Arroyo
Theme: Calico

Rafa G. Arroyo is a Cinematographer residing in Madrid and aims to tell beautiful stories that transmit profound and pure feelings through film and photography.⁠ Rafa is using Calico, with a spotlight homepage and lightbox project layout.

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Barnaby Roper
Theme: Calico

Barnaby Roper is a Photographer and Director whose work has appeared in publications including i-D, Dazed & Confused and British Vogue. He has directed music videos for David Bowie, Snowpatrol and Kanye West. Barnaby is using Calico, with a spotlight homepage and stacked project layout.

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Joel Knoernschild
Theme: Jute

Born in Southern California, Joel's a mixed-race, half Japanese Emmy award winning film and commercial Director who seeks to give a voice to marginalized individuals. His reach background both personally and professionally, has given him a unique maturity and compassion in documenting stories of community and identity and turning the spotlight to underrepresented groups of our society. Joel is using Jute, with a cover blocks homepage and stacked project layout.

"The nice thing about Fabrik is it’s all automated. You don’t have to resize all of the images to be the same width for it to look nice. It just does it for you." -Joel Knoernschild

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Patrick Fileti
Theme: Airdura

With a reputation built on powerful, emotionally charged content, filmmaker Patrick Fileti's storytelling is driven by a belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer. Fileti works primarily with non-actors to capture life as it is, carefully framed and distilled. Patrick is using Airdura, with a cover with thumbnails homepage and stacked project layout.

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Lluís Murúa
Theme: Poplin

Lluís Murúa, born and bred in Barcelona, was never constrained by geography. His work as an editor has brought him all over Europe as well as the United States working with artists such as Sia and Katy Perry. Lluís is using Poplin, with a featured thumbnails homepage and stacked project layout.

"The love the simplicity of Fabrik. For one side, the aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous and I love it. And for another side, it’s incredibly easy to post your new work and refine every aspect of your website." -Lluís Murúa

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100% of the Filmmakers we surveyed had their portfolio displayed in landscape.

Perhaps not the greatest of surprises; our Filmmakers almost exclusively use landscape crops for their imagery. However, with fresh filmmakers working on square formats in social-first campaigns, this traditional trend could be coming to an end.

Matt Houghton
Theme: Calico

Matt Houghton is an award-winning Filmmaker and Photographer with an eye for finding the beautiful and unusual in the everyday. He draws on his background in documentary, capturing intimacy in his subjects and telling simple human stories.⁠ Matt is using Calico, with a spotlight homepage and slideshow project layout.

"For me, creativity is a split-second of inspiration followed by hours and hours of development." -Matt Houghton

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João Marques
Theme: Airdura

João Marques is Portuguese director and photographer. His recent portfolio consists of personal photography work which has been featured in exhibitions and several international online platforms such as VSCO, Fubiz and Milk. João is using Airdura, with a cover with thumbnails homepage and lightbox thumbnails project layout.

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Rob Chiu
Theme: Airdura

Rob Chiu is a Director whose a arresting visuals, precisely framed shots and careful lighting give a surreal cinematic beauty. Throw in his sober yet powerful visual narratives, painstakingly composed and poetic, plus his emphasis on sound design to create atmospheric moods, and the otherwise ordinary subject matter of his films is endowed with an exceptional nature. Rob is using Airdura, with a featured blocks homepage and slideshow project layout.

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Shades of grey, black or white are prominent colors favored by Filmmakers for use as text or background.

We’d naturally see the largest proportion of black background websites with white text for filmmakers. Tonally, imagery from films tends to be darker and more muted than imagery from other creator genres. Wrapping cinematic imagery in a dark site helps express darker tones, and white overlaid text is normally a better contrast option for text over imagery.

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