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Following on from the first part of this feature, we take a look at how the Fresh initiative rewards creativity and continues to discover new talent after the awards showcase closes.

Fresh Future Pt. 2: Rewarding Creativity

We built Fresh to realize and nurture a new way to reward creativity. Part 1 of our feature follows our path to building and launching the initiative. In this part we'll look at the winning entries and how we use the Insights initiative to track trends and patterns throughout the Fresh entries pool to further expose and celebrate creative talent throughout the year.

The Awards

April 2018

The inaugural Fresh awards showcase nets 196 winning entries across 28 categories, with 19 gold winners, 29 silver winners, 27 bronze winners. Each gold, silver and bronze winner is invited to join the Fabrik community with a free portfolio website for two years. A further 121 entries each scored enough to receive a carbon award from more than 1600 approved entries.

Gold Awards
Anthony Capristo for Commercial & Branded Content, Malcolm Crowther for CGI & Character, Sevi Iko Dømochevsky for Fine Art, Roberto Fazio for Installation, Pierre Fudaryli for Retouching & Post, Owen Gildersleeve for Graphic, Enrique Gracia Herrera for VFX, Shiouwen Hong for Fashion, Keeley Laures for Information & UI, Product & Industrial, Guille Llano for Illustration, Motion Graphics, Peter Marsden for Music Video, Paul McMahon for Animation, Torsten Muehlbacher for Landscape & Natural, Alex Noble for Portraiture, Christian Shultz for Documentary, Benedict Spence for Cinematography, Narrative.

Silver Awards
Francesco Calabrese for Cinematography, Narrative, Sylvain Cappelletto for CGI & Character, Alberto Cittone for Retouching & Post, Sevi Iko Dømochevsky for VFX, Wynona Andrea Domingo for Advertising & Commercial, Owen Gildersleeve for Editorial, Illustration, Steven Grindler for Portraiture, Enrique Gracia Herrera for Commercial & Branded Content, Tatsunori Ishikawa for Branding, Andrea K for Make Up Arts, Mario Kain for Landscape & Natural, Pokras Lampas for Installation, Paul Macphail for Sculpture, Luke Manning for Packaging, Peter Marsden for Music Video, Jody Mattioli for Fashion, Paul McMahon for Motion Graphics, Andrea Pecora for Documentary, T J Reese for Fine Art, Anton Woll Söder for Animation, Andrew Sokolow for Reportage, Jonathan Swecker for Retouching & Post, Edgar Tescum for Styling & Jewellery, Nicole Tomazi for Product & Industrial, Prateek Vatash for Graphic, Isil Uzum Vella for Information & UI, Mateja Zeleznik for Architecture.

Bronze Awards
Leah Berman for Landscape & Natural, Harry Boothman for Documentary, Chris Brock for Portraiture, Ben Collier-Marsh for Music Video, Motion Graphics, Carol Connett for Fine Art, Anthony Dickenson for Cinematography, Wynona Andrea Domingo for Fashion, Feed Me Light for Animation, Joey Guidone for Branding, Shiouwen Hong for Commercial & Branded Content, Danny Ivan for CGI & Character, James Kirkup for Editorial, Guille Llano for Advertising & Commercial, Hameim El Maghbub for Information & UI, Peter Marsden forNarrative, Andres Marti for Styling & Jewellery, Domenica Melillo for Reportage, David Mrugala for Graphic, Nine Associati for Product & Industrial, Rielle Oase for Installation, Ariel Palanzone for Sculpture, Eric Randall for Architecture, Nick Sullo for Illustration, Jack Weatherley for VFX, Francis Willmann for Make Up Arts, Zilin Yee for Packaging.

Best In Book
Recognising the highest-scoring entry from each genre of the six core Fresh creative category groups; art, film, photography, fashion, motion & 3D and design. Read our article highlighting the incredible talent and perfect execution that goes into our Best In Book entries.

A Testament to Artistry

May 2018

As our curators confirm their inclusion, the Fresh winners submit their extended entry content and our Best in Book winners are confirmed for film, photography, design, motion & 3D, art and fashion.

During May the Fresh 18 awards go live with a platform that allows us to build new creative partnerships and to generate new ways of empowering and celebrating creativity. Gold, silver and bronze winners receive personalised posters, honouring their work and their place in the Class of 18.

The Insight programme is established to continue over summer and autumn with explorations, ideas and concepts from across the Fresh 18 entries pool.

Collective Of The New
For the gold, silver and bronze winners, Tim created a series of screenprinted posters with Alasdair Manson from London's Manson's Press. Using a unique spot-UV varnish on metallic G.F Smith paper, the A2 posters followed the styling of the judges posters and featured the winning entrants by name, and category won.

Fresh 18 Gold Award winners poster
Fresh 18 Gold Award winners poster
Fresh 18 Silver Award winners poster
Fresh 18 Silver Award winners poster
Fresh 18 Bronze Award winners poster
Fresh 18 Bronze Award winners poster



June 2018 - December 2018

As the posters make their way over to our winners the Fabrik team are working hard on the first Insight article.

As well as publishing the winning entries, the Fresh initiative is designed to showcase important and forthcoming trends both within the creative industries, and in the way our cultures generate and consume creativity. This is the true value of the initiative: our curator team helps us form insights, ideas and concepts from the entire pool of entries - not just the winners - in a series of free-form editorial articles. 

With each dip back into the entries pool we're able to discover new work and extend the Fresh categories with Curator Series entries. These entries, when viewed together, form a snapshot of creativity in 2018 and allow our curator team to highlight work they deem to be important or relevant to the culture we live in.

Insights on Fresh

Curator Series on Fresh
Curator Series on Fresh


The Journey Ahead

From simple beginnings
Creativity is at the core of our humanity; it is our ability to create and inspire that allows us to evolve. We shape the impossible, the remarkable and the unbelievable.

We're working in a time when our institutions and governments stifle creativity and our media and politics are becoming more divisive and destructive. As world-views turn inwards, expression becomes choked. Platforms for creativity rather than rhetoric have never been more important. We believe Fresh can be such a platform.

With clear objectives
We believe in transparency and simplicity. We believe that those who make and shape our world should take responsibility for the way it impacts society.

This is an ambitious project but the message is simple; we're levelling the playing field. Creativity has no boundaries, no borders and no gender. Fresh is a new start. We see only craft and creativity. Free to all, it's global and it has never been more important. Fresh is a call to arms for all creatives to thrive and a message of acceptance for all.

This is a call to empower the visionaries.
This is a belief that creativity aspires hope.
This is an opportunity to shape the future.

This is Fresh

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