We're in the mood for everything dark and eerie. Many artists, film makers and photographers channel their creativity through narratives that are symbolic and surreal, stirring emotion and giving a sense of suspense or unease. So if you're looking to get in the Halloween spirit, then dare to read on.

In the Mood for Darkness

Myrthe Mosterman

It's not moody, it's evocative
Fabrik hero Myrthe Mosterman is always chasing the perfect light. Be it golden hour or a very specific point of view, her imagery paints a whimsical yet totally naturalistic picture, bringing a narrative to life. With a feature film pending, we're eager to find out more, so we asked her about it.

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Chris Cronin

Introducing Chris Chronin
With a dark moody aesthetic, multi-award winning director and Fabrik user Chris Chronin whose work has been shown at film festivals worldwide, including Fantasia, London Shorts, and Raindance.

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Not one for those with a faint heart for scorpions. French Filmmaker and visual artist Marc Johnson reimagines a philosophical Chinese poem in a new short film with world-renowned scorpion handler Kanchana Ketkaew.

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Ryan Murphy

How to write a horror
Tricks and treats for the most reliable formula to a successful Ryan Murphy style horror film and there's no saving yourself from his impeccable storytelling. Avid horror filmmakers, you might want to get the notebook and pen at the ready.

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Iness Rychlik

Dark visual storytelling
Iness Rychlik is recognised for her dark feminine erotica, which has been awarded and exhibited all around the world. Fascinated by the idea of conveying sexuality and cruelty in a subtle evocative way, her conceptual self-portraits provoke the viewer’s imagination, rather than satisfy it.

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Si Wachsmann

Six ways to die
An array of haunting scenes of death from Photographer Si Wachsmann. The result is dark, eerie and thought provoking, perfect for Halloween.

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