With a new year comes compelling inspiration and fresh perspectives. Lift those spirits and get yourself motivated with our January Mixer.

January Mixer: Dürer, A Borderless World, Amanda Gorman, Philotheus Nisch and WandaVision.

Transcending the standstill of 2020

Dürer transmutes the tensions and fears of the past year into a mesmerizing dance. A momento to how the body and mind is constrained during the pandemic. Watch it here.

A borderless world

If there's any reason to get excited for being able to travel freely again, it's got to be this. Japan's digital art museum, a world of artworks without boundaries, a museum without a map created by art collective teamLab. Be inspired.

Amanda Gorman steals the show

A nation transfixed, listening to the powerful words of a young Black woman who stood on stage to give a country a message , one of hope and determination. A poem that will go down in history. Read all about it.

The outtakes and discarded variations

Philotheus Nisch on tending to the outtakes, leftovers and discarded variations with his book 'B-Sides'. A little insight on the process behind the work that just doesn't quite make the cut. Find out more.

WandaVision has arrived to Disney+

Get ready to immerse yourself in a comedic alternative reality. With each episode in a pop culture zeitgeist, WandaVision is part of Marvel’s phase three of the Infinity Saga. Read the backstory here.

Play through the events of 2020

A wild ride from start to finish, 2020 was a year nobody expected, and one nobody will forget. Many don’t ever want to relive the year’s events, but if you want a flashback of 2020, there’s now a way to do so. Play the game.

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