As we write these lines, a good chunk of the population is under some sort of quarantine or stay at home order. Technology makes working from home a tad easier, but some may still find it challenging to adjust and stay productive. Do these things:

Keeping the Productivity Wheels Turning

As we write these lines, a good chunk of the population is under some sort of quarantine or stay at home order. While technology makes working from home a tad easier these days, some members of our community may find it challenging to adjust to the new working reality and struggle to stay productive.

We hear you, we’ve been there. As you may already know, everyone at Fabrik works remotely a lot of the time, so we’ve built the platform, our company management, workflow and processes over the last few years with this front and centre. We’ve been through the learning curve and we have a few tips to impart. Do these things:

Set Your Schedule And Your Boundaries

Whether it’s 9-5 or 10-6 or 7-7, you and only you are responsible for setting up the schedule and sticking to it. Working from home offers ample space for blurring the lines between personal and professional time, so keeping them well defined and separate can help you avoid excessive working (or slack) hours. In the same vein, hashing out time for regular breaks can help you maintain a higher productivity rate and offer a fresh pair of eyes in case of roadblocks.

Mitochondrial Sun by Niklas Sundin
by Niklas Sundin

To Be Is to Do

Write down a list of things that you want to accomplish, from workload to household. It will help you focus, alleviate anxiety and provide a sense of accomplishment. Communicate the list to friends and colleagues so that you can hold yourself accountable. Staying at home and working from the comfort of your desk doesn’t mean that things are more lenient - on the contrary, you may also push yourself and try a bit harder. Don't be a slacker.

Dress For The Job

It’s very tempting to indulge in the comfort of your pajamas all day, but the truth is that it can also be a productivity suck. Putting on a small effort in appearances, can help you make the context switch from downtime to work time. Dedicating a few moments to wear a pair of trousers, a dress, or whatever your preferred work attire can be is also an act of self care; you dedicate a few minutes to being mindful and deliberate about what you choose to wear. We won’t judge. Also, make your bed, seriously.

Incognito by Scott Balmer
by Scott Balmer

Stay Connected

Keep your Zoom, Slack, Calendar connected and up to date, so that colleagues can reach out to you during your working hours. Sure, nothing can replace the power of yelling across a studio, but technology makes it so much easier to connect, stay in touch and make sure that everyone’s on the same page when working on a collaborative project. Working from home doesn’t necessarily equate to a communications breakdown.

Wrap It Up

Keep it professional. Give your employer, team, staff, clients (delete where necessary) a heads-up on what to expect and what you’ve been working on by sending a wrap up email at the end of the day or week - you choose the frequency. It sets the expectations and keeps all stakeholders on the loop.

Keep Moving

Exercise is important because a). it'll keep you fitter and, b). it contributes to your mental health. Even the mildest fitness regime can stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s natural boosters, while simultaneously lowering the release of the body's stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. So keep moving my friend, it’s more than looking good - it’s about feeling good, too.

Mundras by Renate Stoica
by Renate Stoica

Rest, Write, Meditate, Repeat

Meditation may be touted as a wellness trend, but its benefits are well established. By focussing on what’s happening now, you can eliminate the stress of what lies ahead and the regret of past situations that can’t be changed. Consider journalling; a highly beneficial tool in times of stress and uncertainty, as it can streamline the thoughts and facilitate rationalization. Last but not least, rest. Your future self will thank you.

That’s all from us - a few starters to keep in mind as you tackle work from the comfort of your couch. We will be expanding our Productivity at Home series with more articles in the coming days. In the meantime, read our take on goal setting and moving forward during these weird times.

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Cover Image by Ryan Paterson