Personalise your portfolio with thousands of beautiful web fonts from Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit.

Make your portfolio one of a kind with beautiful typography

The right typeface can completely transform the look of a website, making fonts one of the most effective ways to personalise your portfolio.

Historically websites were limited to "web safe" fonts; fonts that were preinstalled on the majority of computers. Unfortunately there were not many web safe fonts to choose from so it was difficult to stand out with typography alone.

The last few years has seen the introduction of specially-designed screen fonts and new web format filetypes known as web fonts added to popular classic and contemporary font families. A number of font services like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit have become established to help make using web fonts as easy as possible.

Today we launched a new integration with Google Fonts and improved support for Adobe Typekit. You can now browse Google’s entire collection of fonts directly within Fabrik and following our “content, not code” ethos, use them in your Fabrik site with a single click.

We’ve also improved our support for Adobe Typekit so you no longer have to manually add font embed codes to your site. Just provide your Typekit ID and the name of the font and we’ll do the rest. In the next few months we intend to provide the same experience you have with Google fonts, making it possible to browse Adobe Typekit fonts and create kits directly within Fabrik.

So whether you’re new to Fabrik or have an existing site, it’s time to get customising.

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