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Delving into new, unique and visionary work we've pulled from within the Fabrik community during April. With Joe Bichard, Dean Puckett, Ana Fuj and Effie Pappa.

Maker Series - Chapter 3

Our third set of makers take us invite us into their workflow to browse through their latest. Projects that forge new ideas, break new ground and shine bright.

A Self Compassion Exercise

Joe Bichard, Animator, UK

"I worked on the film during evenings, weekends, Christmas and any other time I could find as I was working on other jobs in the normal day time. I designed it all in Illustrator and made it all move in After Effects.

I stole most of the colours off these incense holder things I saw in Muji. I took a photo and colour picked them from it. Then made up a few to go with them.” 

The film is based on Alain De Botton’s words as found in The School of Life: "Your essential lovability does not have to be at stake in this issue. You are not only your achievements. Status and material success is one bit of you, but there are lots of other parts too. Those who loved you in childhood knew this and, in their best moments, helped you to feel it”

Joe is a director of animation, designer and writer. He has lived in London and Vancouver and has worked with a load of studios between there and here such as Moth, Global Mechanic, Animade, Studio AKA, Nexus, Golden Wolf,  Giant Ant, Mummu and Ideo.

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Dean Puckett, Writer Director, UK

‘Circles’ has been nominated for Best Comedy at the London Short Film Festival and the Roger Deakins Award and Best Comedy at Plymouth Short Film Festival.

Dean's latest work follows a pair of paranormal investigators as they discover a string of crop circles around their small town of Totnes, Devon. Will they be the first to gather evidence of extraterrestrial life and prove the world wrong, or are Andy and Martine the real Aliens?

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Don't Take Me Home

Ana Fuj, Artist, Tokyo

'Don't Take Me Home' is a photography series, that's about the story of one's mind. One thinks too deep, imagines too big, or stares for too long, accessing the entrance of the unconscious space. Many of these visuals are the representations of the personal vision which is the inside of the space; the others represents "the attachment" which leads to the outside. When the consciousness meets the unconsciousness, the reaction creates the discipline; then, for the very first time, the intimate space and the outer reality coexist together in one.

“The space between the viewfinder and the lens - my little theater where I place myself.”

Ana Fuj is an artist from Tokyo, Japan, studied moving picture in Massachusetts College of Art and Design, currently working on the new film project back in Tokyo.

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My Stuffed Granny

Effie Pappa, Director & Animator, UK

Effie's work is featured in BFI Showcase, Short of the Week, Athens Design Week , Promo News and The Fader amongst others. In the industry, Effie is known for her quirky, tragicomical and politically driven stop motion film 'My Stuffed Granny', nominated in more than 200 Film Festivals worldwide (ANNECY, Palm Springs, Raindance) while earning twenty awards for 'Best Short Film' during 2014, amongst others in Edinburgh Film Festival.

Effie Pappa is a London based award-winning freelance film and advertising Director, Animator and Artist with extensive experience in  branding, music promos and films.

Her artistic background and precision to detail led to visually striking films and promos and collaborations with leading agencies and brands such as “La Perla”, Carte D’Or, Mc Donalds, The Laughing Cow.

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