Our monthly mixer focusing on all things art featuring misconceptions of NFT minting, the true beauty of the Council Estate, Stephan Duquesnoy's romantic era aesthetics, realist painter Darren Reid and the Ukraine's Museum of War.

March Mixer: NFT Misconceptions, The Council Estate, Stephan Duquesnoy, Darren Reid and Ukraine's Museum of War.

Misconceptions About NFT 'Minting'

Truly understanding how NFT's work can be a little bit of a pickle. Wired are on hand to bust those misconceptions about what "minting" actually means.  Enhance your NFT knowledge

The True Beauty of the Council Estate

Jack Young’s images of London’s historic council estates look to illustrate the value of places and communities that are too often dismissed, undermined and underfunded. Check it out

Romantic Era Aesthetics

Explore the mind of NFT Artist Stephan Duquesnoy by taking a deep dive into his classical compositions and discovery of the NFT art world. Read the interview

Freedom of Interpretation

You know a true realist painter when you have to blink several times. We're in awe of artist Darren Reid's unfathomable attention to detail.  Discover his work

The Museum of War

Since the outbreak of war, Ukraine has taken swift steps to legalise the crypto sector. Turning to NFTs, the country’s crypto art ‘museum’ is helping to fund its war effort and combat Russian misinformation.  Read more

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