This month we have seen innovative architecture, outstanding drone piloting and of course, the anticipated Friends reunion. Catch up on all the memorable moments.

May Mixer: Etihad Stadium, 5G Without Lag, Army of the Dead, Breeze of Innovation and The Friends Reunion.

Drone piloting at its best

Whether you are a football fan or not, we can all appreciate exemplary drone videography and this single-shot footage of the Etihad stadium is pure class. With drone flying skills like these, that pilot needs a raise. Watch the video

A future without lag

You can't deny it, the lag has happened to us all. Verzion's commercial for their next level 5G network built for gamers is a comedic visual representation on the unusual worlds that lag creates. Watch the Commercial

A costly addition to Netflix's Army of the Dead

Digitally inserting characters into scenes has been increasing popular within the film industry. Comedian Tig Notaro took on a significant role within Netflix's Army of the Dead but in fact never met the cast. Find out more

Breeze of Innovation

Breeze of Innovation is a viewpoint for San José, California, designed by SMAR Architecture Studio featuring rods that will sway in the wind and generate the power to light themselves. Brb, we're jumping on a plane as this is a must-visit - PCR test pending of course. Read more

Cameo favourites from the Friends reunion 

The whole world couldn't get enough of the Friends reunion, a mix of emotions for both the cast and viewers from nostalgia, tears and laughter. We already feel reminiscent. Re-live the cameos

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