Our newest Fabrik theme lets random be your guide and make your site truly unique. Includes advanced homepage hero options.

Meet Voile

With Voile, we've elevated creativity to offer you an exceptionally distinctive website. Engaging customizations grant you significantly more control over your homepage, while our innovative layouts showcase your content in delightful and unexpected ways. We encourage you to let Voile express your style and introduce a touch of surprise in presenting your outstanding work.

Customisable Header Elements

Voile's distinct header options enable you to arrange your header elements (site logo, title, subtitle, site menu, and profile links) in numerous configurations. Arrange them horizontally or vertically, align to the left or right - the header is yours to customise.

Homepage Hero: Video

Allow your video to make the first impression with Voile's homepage video hero, featuring background video integration from your Vimeo account.

Homepage Hero: Image

Select an image to introduce your work on your homepage. Your hero area can feature a slideshow or a single image, along with an optional introductory message.

Homepage Hero: Portfolios & Projects

Utilize your homepage hero area to display your primary portfolio. If you have an extensive collection of work to showcase or prefer to organize your work into distinct sections, this is the ideal homepage option for you.

Showcase your finest or latest work in your homepage hero area. Feature a single project or create a slideshow of highlighted projects to guide your viewers to your best content swiftly.


Our latest layout option, Random, introduces an element of surprise to your site by varying the sizes and positions of media items, creating visually stunning results. We invite you to explore this exciting feature.

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