Your car is talking to you, your face has been stolen and Pharrell ushers in a new dawn of 'Yeehaw'.

It must be the Mixer.

Mixer: 24.01

Was Nassia Matsa's face stolen by AI?

The emergence of AI-generated modeling agencies and the absence of copyright protections pose a growing challenge for models such as Nassia Matsa. This trend reveals a troubling reality where models find themselves lacking control over the rights to their own bodies, emphasizing the need for robust legal frameworks to address this issue. As AI continues to play a prominent role in the fashion industry, ensuring the protection of models' rights becomes a crucial aspect of the evolving landscape. Check it out here

Pharrell Williams ushers in a new era of 'Yeehaw'

Pharrell Williams ushered in the Yeehaw Agenda 2.0 with a spectacular display at Louis Vuitton. Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes of his native Virginia, the musician and creative director curated a contemporary cowboy aesthetic for the AW24 collection. The Paris Fashion Week was brought to life at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in the 16th arrondissement as Pharrell showcased his third runway show, a mere two months after captivating the fashion world with a destination show in Hong Kong. The collection, marked by its fusion of urban and rustic elements, epitomized the evolving style narrative curated by Pharrell. Find out more here

ChatGPT continues to become commonplace in new cars

Skoda, the Czech car brand under the Volkswagen umbrella, is integrating an AI chatbot into its voice assistant for newer vehicles. This ChatGPT-enabled assistant will empower drivers to effortlessly manage various functions, including control over the infotainment system, navigation, and air-conditioning. Additionally, users can leverage the AI assistant to seek answers to general knowledge questions, marking a comprehensive enhancement in in-car interaction and convenience, as stated by Skoda. Learn More Here

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