In this edition of the Mixer, we take a look at the multifaceted world of queer art, a probe into Fallout 76 usage & ask the question that's on everyone's lips - Who paints all the bins at Glastonbury?

Mixer: 24.07

Ever wondered who paints all the bins at Glastonbury?

Festival founder Michael Eavis began the tradition in the 80s. Despite the event's growth, the process hasn't changed much. During winter, the oil drums are stored on the farm. In the weeks before the festival, they are cleaned, painted, and decorated, then distributed around the site by tractor. 'It'snicethat' spoke to the people behind the brush.

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"Queer Art: From Canvas to Club"

"Queer Art: From Canvas to Club" is an extensive anthology that unites underground artists with iconic figures of the queer canon, offering a comprehensive and diverse vision of the queer experience. This collection delves into the multifaceted world of queer art, showcasing various mediums and styles. By bringing together these voices, the anthology highlights the richness and complexity of queer expression, celebrating its evolution and impact on contemporary culture.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom developers grappled with Hyrule's instability

There are allegations that Fallout 76 used Vault Boy fan art without permission from its creator. However, it seems this action was unintentional, and the Fallout 76 team has reportedly moved quickly to address and rectify the situation.

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