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Charting the very best of the site newness on Fabrik through April with achingly slick automotive, fashion, 3D and VFX portfolios.

Portfolio Complete - April 2018

Anthony Laranjo
VFX Compositor

VFX Compositor and Supervisor Anthony Laranjo has a Television & Advertising focus. He's currently with Sky, specialising in compositing, colour grading, retouching and motion tracking.

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Ariel Palanzone
Digital Artist

Buenos Aires digital artist and one of our Fresh 18 winners Ariel Palanzone builds unique environments that tease impossibility and irony out of objects and materials; a light-hearted but beautiful stab at the world of art and installation.

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Jordan Shiraki

California-based ShirakiPhoto specializes in commercial photography, marketing and design. Jordan's expansive portfolio features amazing work for Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Dodge and Rolls Royce.

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Alcibiade Cohen

Photographer and director Alcibiade spends his time bouncing between his base in Paris, to LA and South America delivering one incredible photo story or promo after another; energy, couture and beauty in equal measure.

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Rory Mclean
3D Artist

Freelance 3D Artist Rory Mclean bounces between London and the Sunshine Coast. His portfolio is equal parts classically elegant and clean; a perfect fit for his work and style.

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