April showering you with fresh new portfolios from Director of Photography Laura Hudock, Cinematographer Didi, Film Director Jonny Donnelly and Director and Editor Phil Jaycob.

Portfolio Complete - April 2022

Laura Hudock
Director of Photography

Laura Hudock's unique career includes Emmy-winning documentaries as well as narrative film and television. These distinct approaches to storytelling have shaped her ability to create emotionally intimate and impactful images. Shooting documentaries all over the world exposed Laura to cultures, landscapes, and light that now influence her narrative expression. Cinematography that unveils the struggle and beauty of the human condition - whether the subject is real or fictional.

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Diana Olifirova choreographs camera in collaboration with action, space and rhythm, producing images that offer a sense of intrigue: a riddle, or a fleeting emotion. Didi works as a cinematographer in film and TV industry in the UK, but beyond that, she creates art films – pieces that are a statement of their own time, place and sense of self, moving imagery wrapped into its own metaphors.

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Jonny Donnelly
Film Director

Jonny is an award-winning commercial and documentary Film Director based in London, UK. He has experience working with global brands from ideation, pitching and creative development to film production.

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Phil Jaycob
Director & Editor

Phil Jaycob is a freelance Director and Editor based in Zurich. With bold, refreshing storytelling and an instinct for creating special moments, Phil’s recognisable style is embedded in his ever-growing body of work. Spanning commercials, documentaries and music videos, Phil’s portfolio includes work for globally recognised brands such as Jaguar, Samsung, Greenpeace, Sony Music and Allianz, as well as artists like Loco Escrito, Dabu Fantastic and Naomi Lareine.

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