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Portfolio Complete: April 2023

Gabor Baumgarten is a Cinematographer

Gabor is a German Cinematographer with a deep interest in creating emotional moving images. Based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt he has been working on commercial, narrative and music video projects for over six years. Gabor's personal ambition on every project is to create a connection between the audience and the narrative with an expressive visual language. He feels honest communication and receptiveness to new approaches is key to innovative, touching moving images.

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Bjorn Amundsen is a Director of Photography

Bjorn is a Director of Photography local to LA and Chicago. The projects he’s filmed have won a variety of awards including the Cannes Young Directors Awards and Ciclope. His client list includes; Apple, Google, Nike, Intel and more. In addition to his commercial work, his humanitarian film projects have allowed him to travel to over 30 countries.

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Michael Garrett is a VFX Supervisor

Superposition is the business imprint for Michael Garrett. It is established as an entity that specialises in film visual effects design, 2D and 3D compositing, environments and colour workflows. Michael is an experienced VFX Supervisor managing vendors or artists, and collaborating client-side with the director and editorial - sometimes fulfilling all of those roles simultaneously.

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André Edwards is a Designer & Creative Director

André has always looked to fashion, works of art, and drag for inspiration when defining his style. He loves working around sustainability and believes “Anything can inspire fashion – Fashion can inspire anything”. When describing his design interests, he leans towards those that are provocative, witty, and campy. With his design approach, he aims to deliver ideas that are conceptually imaginative.

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