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Three leading ladies working in film and dance front our August new creativity showcase, each offering a new definition of meaning and language in the world around us.

Portfolio Complete - August 2019

Nathalie Pithers

Nathalie Pitters

London-based cinematographer Nathalie Pitters uses her craft to purposefully play with the space between foreground and background; subject and scene. She makes films and promos that offer us an opportunity to second-guess the meaning and language we use to describe what we see.

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Alice Whiteley

Alice Victoria Whiteley
Performance Designer

Coming from a performance and dance background, Alice Whiteley is drawn towards designing for dance, physical theatre and movement, with a curiosity of how light and the surroundings on stage can manipulate space and form.

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Andreea Gruioniu

Andreea Gruioniu

After studying Cinematography and Filmmaking in Romania and the UK, Andreea worked for a number of years as 1st AC and Camera Operator on projects spanning commercials, content, music videos, documentaries and short films throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Africa. She's now a DoP based out of London.

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