Portfolio newness from Filmmakers Luka Sepcic, Ruben Do Valle, Keidrych Wasley, Sam Johnson and Soren Nielsen.

Portfolio Complete: August 2022

Luka Sepcic is a Director

Luka's work effortlessly blends cinematic beauty with authentic portraiture through effortless storytelling, being unique observer of people and places. He has built a reputation directing aesthetically heightened, visually rich and emotionally engaging films in challenging environments. Luka cherishes impactful storytelling with a distinct emotional and visual style.

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Ruben Do Valle is a Director

Ruben defines himself as a Director with an authorial vision, and he expresses this in his films, with a low-light and conceptual narrative. He knows that each project has its tone, but he tries to create his aesthetic as his brand image. With a curious and sensitive look, he has a strong desire to fly higher.

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Keidrych Wasley is a Director of Photography

Keidrych is a visual story-teller who creates beautiful image across commercial, drama, music video and documentary both domestically and internationally.

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Sam Johnson is a Writer and Director

Sam shoots commercially for brands including Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Adidas alongside developing award-winning TV series and short films.

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Soren Nielsen is a Director of Photography

Soren has a deep rooted passion for filming the natural world. This love of nature combined with his work as a commercial Cinematographer has allowed him to specialise in bringing the technologies and techniques of high-end commercial filmmaking to remote areas. Soren has shot projects all over the world for clients including HBO, BBC, Google, Nike, The North Face and many others.

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