A veritable treasure trove of the finest portfolios on Fabrik throughout August.

Featuring Lucas Murray-Reynolds, Alex Greaves, Amber Saunders & Ibon Landa.

Portfolio Complete: August 2023

Lucas Murray-Reynolds is a Cinematographer

Lucas is a cinematographer & lens based artist living in London UK. Lucas, originally from Glasgow has developed a wide body of incredibly stylised and quality work ranging from music videos, personal projects and editorial films. Their portfolio is a clear reflection of their abilities.

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Alex Greaves is a Director
Los Angeles, CA

Alex is a film director with a background in documentary, something which appears to have contributed to his ‘obsession with drawing magic out of the mundane.' His work has been screened at SXSW, Cannes & The Commonwealth Games (to name a few) Alex’s obsessions seems to be paying off however as his work is captivating and certainly anything but mundane.

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Amber Saunders is an Editor

Amber Saunders is an award winning editor who’s cut commercials, music videos, short films, and documentaries. Collaborating with the likes of Meta, Sony, Gucci, FKA Twigs and more, Amber’s works are narrative-driven and full of energy.

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Ibon Landa is a Director

Ibon is a film director who, whilst living in Spain, is also working across the globe. His broad range of skills, ideas and expertise is shown across the work he’s directed for major agencies and brands.

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