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Welcoming a new collective tour de force of creativity from four Fabrik members based in the US, Spain and India in this month's portfolio showcase.

Portfolio Complete - December 2018

Steven Jermaine

Steven Jermaine

From a young age, Steven Jermaine wanted to be a writer and a storyteller. He found his path through photography; more recently focusing on finding and highlighting positive and real untold stories with people of color.

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Photographer, designer and artist; Aurpera is based in Chennai, India. In her portfolio she presents her illustration work; focussing on femininity and coding a visual language of womanhood.

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Raquel Villa

Raquel Villa

Madrid-based architectural student Raquel Villa is creating generative digital sculptures that borrows from the aesthetics and growth rules of real-world colonies of coral, virii, flowers and crystal forms.

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Shern Sharma

Shern Sharma

Director Shern Sharma creates immersive content for brands and artists. Natural light, choreographed with considered and meaningful stories make for a lovely portfolio..

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