Starting off the new year right with fresh portfolios. Featuring Lottie Goodman, Bruce Francis Cole, Davide Greco and Filipe Barreiro.

Portfolio Complete: January 2023

Lottie Goodman is a Fashion & Textile Designer

With a background in screen printing and a keen eye for colour, Lottie thrives on mixing traditional and modern techniques to create detail-oriented and playful textile print designs and collections, as well as working across the fields of interiors, art and illustration. Alongside her work as a Designer, Lottie produces and art directs fashion photoshoots, driven by her passion for creative set design and styling.

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Bruce Francis Cole is a Director of Photography

Bruce Francis Cole is a bicoastal Cinematographer who has worked worldwide. Early in his childhood, he was an exceptional student in the form of visual art. Raised in the inner city, his art carried him to places beyond his immediate surroundings. After traveling around America, working for non-profit social justice programs, and being inspired by the late Haskell Wexler, he decided to explore film as an art form.

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Davide Greco is a Colourist

Davide is a Digital Colourist who places great importance on creating the best look for a story. He composes a unique atmospheric world for effective depth of statements and emotions.

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Filipe Barreiro is a Cinematographer

Filipe is a Cinematographer and Photographer residing in Portugal. He bought his first camera at just 15 years old and has been exploring ever since.

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