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Boasting work with appearances by Gaga, Jay-Z, some smoke, screaming bath person and a tiny horse, the freshly-produced portfolios this month are all that.

Portfolio Complete - July 2017

Patrick Meller
Director of Photography

Patrick is a London-based director of photography working in music video, commercial and narrative film. He's represented in the UK by Wizzo & Co.

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Mark Jackson
Digital Artist

Mark Jackson is a Digital Artist / VFX Lead / Polymath / Aesthete and this is his website.

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Mortimer Hochberg
Director of Photography

Mortimer is a director of photography based in Germany. He grew up in Hamburg and in 2014 he started his cinematography studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Today he works as a cinematographer.

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Luke Glover
Director of Photography

Luke Glover is a London-based director of Photography. He's not big on words, but he makes up for it with powerful and enigmatic imagery.

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Houmam Abdallah

In his day job, Houmam Abdallah has contributed to numerous music videos and commercials coming out of London with his excellent grading work.

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