Brand spanking new portfolios from Concept Artist Edit Ballai, Director of Photography Luke Hanlein, Stylist Cuero Cuero and Photographer Rain Bermudez.

Portfolio Complete - June 2021

Edit Ballai
Concept Artist

Edit Ballai is Concept Artist currently based in Florida. Since her early childhood she loved to create imaginary worlds and spent most of her time writing novels and illustrating them. She is a visual storyteller, both fictive or based on truth and has been working for video game and animation studios worldwide.

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Luke Hanlein
Director of Photography

Luke Hanlein is a talented Director of Photography residing in Los Angeles whose work consists of a collective of narrative, commercial, documentary and music videos.

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Cuero Cuero
Photographer & Stylist

Andrea Benayas G. is a Photographer and Stylist residing in Spain. Her lifestyle images and styling give a sense of serenity and her work for Zara Home has become iconic.

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Rain Bermudez

Drawing Inspiration from his predecessors - Roy DeCarava, Robert Frank, and Garry Winogrand, photographer Rain Bermudez is a student of every day life experience ands skilfully chronicles the poetic nuances of daily life. Capturing the gritty essence of the streets; its people in movement on foot and on public transportation, he transmutes the seemingly mundane into expressive lyrical social commentary. Part photo journalist, part poetic memoir, his work is inspired by his life experiences and finding the image within the image.

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