Welcoming our Fabrik newbies with their impressive portfolios. Featuring Mythsmyth, Zest, Bas F. Jansen and Antoine Pret.

Portfolio Complete: March 2023

Mythsmyth are a Production Company

Mythsmyth was founded by Producer James Bolton and Director David Edwards. They tell stories that move, lift, make marks and evoke whilst staying true to their ethos "Always two sides to every story."

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Zest are a Creative Multi-Disciplinary Tabletop Studio
The Netherlands

Zest is a creative, multi-disciplinary, tabletop studio based in The Netherlands. They merge creativity, imagination and craft to help clients around the globe bring to life ideas that are unique and inspire. Zest is known for it’s his distinctive style and approach within the tabletop landscape creating sensorial experiences, impactful and fuelled with art and style.

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Bas F. Jansen is a Director & Writer
The Netherlands

Bas Jansen is a Filmmaker from the Netherlands. He started his career as a music video director, but in recent years has increasingly shifted his focus to making narrative films. In his projects he incorporates personal experiences and ideas about life and works with themes such as family, loss and trust, and primal fears such as isolation and alienation.

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Antoine Pret is a Director & Editor

Antoine is a Freelance Director and Editor, currently based in Paris & Bordeaux specialising in music videos, short films and commercials.

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