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Blissed-out summer vibes clash head-on with Pacific Rim's giant fighting mecha. A photo series inspired by Middle-Eastern costume and some delightful graphics. Oh yes!

Portfolio Complete - May 2018

Ilana Shulman

Los Angeles photographer Ilana Shulman crafts stories for e-commerce and fashion brands. She mixes media and photographic elements into her work, infusing her portfolio with a sun-drenched San Bernadino County style.

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Rachel Chu
Digital Artist

As part of Blind's small yet powerful team, Rachel Chu lovingly designed and animated the holographic elements and UI for Amara's Scrapper character for this action-packed blockbuster Pacific Rim 2: Uprising.

Rachel's mission was to translate Amara's ass-kicking attitude to a mix of playful and powerful elements for all of Scrapper's action.

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Daniel Hernandez

Inspired by Middle Eastern costumes; the Royale photo series by photographer Daniel Hernández echoes the concept of tribes, geometric figures and the Maori tattoo.

Daniel won a Curator's Choice and Carbon award in the Frēsh 18 Styling & Jewellery category with this project.

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Ryan Locke
Motion Designer

Ryan is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary motion designer with a love for animating design elements like typography. Recent highlights include working alongside Studio Output and the BBC team to rebrand BBC Sport, directing the Arte channel idents and creating ‘The Dog and The Elephant’, a studio project by Found.

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