Portfolio newness from Cinematographer Omer Ganai, Colourist Ilya Lazunov, Cinematographer Stephan Polman and Collage Artist P. Sant'Ana.

Portfolio Complete: November 2022

Omer Ganai is a Cinematographer

Omer is an award-winning Cinematographer with a wealth of experience shooting music videos and commercials for brands including Dolby Atmos, Puma, Nintendo and Smirnoff.

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Ilya Lazunov is a Colourist

Ilya is a freelance Colourist and Editor residing in Vilnius with years of experience in video production. Brands within his portfolio include Bacardi, Bang & Olufsen, Palina, Samsung and more.

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Stephan Polman is a Cinematographer
The Netherlands

Stephan is a Dutch Cinematographer who studied at Narafi, Bruxelles and the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. He is known for his work as a Director of Photography on Netflix Series 'Ares', feature film 'De Libi' and 'Horizon', that won the price for Best TV movie at the Dutch Film Festival.

Discover Stephan's Portfolio

P. Sant'Ana is a Collage Artist

P. Sant'Ana uses vintage images that he acquired from private collections and flea markets for his collage art. He primarily uses an analog collage technique, drawing on his experience with graphic design. But in the end, it’s all about these people and how he can draw the viewer’s attention to them. He wants the viewer to have a sense of empathy for these characters as they try to picture their personalities, actions and circumstances.

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