Showcasing the latest portfolio magic from some of the most recent Fabrik users to join the platform.

Portfolio Complete: November 2023

Sean Fee is a Filmmaker

Sean Fee, based in Zurich, is an imaginative film director and writer whose enthralling cinematic narratives connect with global audiences. Similar to the majestic alpine scenery enveloping his Swiss home, Sean's creative perspective is awe-inspiring and meaningful.

Beyond directing, he crafts the compelling stories that unfold on the silver screen, infusing each project with a unique depth and authenticity through his exceptional writing skills.

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Alberto J. Guti√©rrez is an AI Artist

Unveil the boundless realm where art and technology entwine. Embark on a journey through mesmerizing AI creations where imagination knows no limits. Embrace the harmonious fusion of ingenuity and beauty, and step into a poetic universe of endless inspiration.All the content of Nuclear Pasta Ai is conceptualised, written, and developed by Alberto J.

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Ross Hogg is an Animation Filmmaker

Ross Hogg is an award-winning animation filmmaker from Scotland. His work focuses on creating dexterous, hand-crafted animation using a variety of materials, celebrating the vibrancy and physicality of the medium.Ross' portfolio not only shows off a full-body of work - but also shows off a mastery of the Poplin theme.

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