Another fall, another turned page with fresh portfolios from creators Yasi Davy, Lise Moberg, Ryan Boucher and Arthur Neumeier.

Portfolio Complete: October 2022

Yasi Davy is a Digital Artist

River Psyche is the first volume of digital paintings by Digital Artist Yasi Davy following a momentous obsession that took more than two years to fully understand, grow and perfect. The resulting art work is part of a multi-disciplinary expression, and humble attempt at sharing her inspiration.

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Lise Moberg is a Photographer

Lise is beginning her journey in creative education. As a talented Photographer and Digital Creator, she loves to have free-play with her creative side.

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Ryan Boucher is a Film Editor

Ryan’s career is a record of diverse and industry-leading work; from cutting music videos for the likes of George Michael, Wiz Khalifa, and Disclosure, to editing internationally awarded campaigns. His flair for the alternative has seen him work across brands ranging from Ikea to Prada, always maintaining a sense of edge into whichever industry he ventures. Outside of Ad land, Ryan has worked on major studio feature films and globally syndicated programs for National Geographic and Discovery. Currently based in London, Ryan is a consistent continent-jumper, going wherever the good work takes him and drawing inspiration from the environment around him.

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Arthur Neumeier is a Director & Cinematographer
South Africa

Arthur is a documentary Director and Cinematographer with a focus on environmental stories. As one of the founders of Eyeforce, he gained experience shooting a wide variety of content for the lifestyle, action sports and outdoor brands such as Patagonia, O'Neill and Adidas. Arthur likes to capture interesting stories from inspiring people around the world.

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