Refreshing for fall. New portfolios from Production Designer Helen Gadjilova, Cinematographer Caleb Wissun-Bhide, Film Editor Mark Vesterlund and Cinematographer Louis Jablonski.

Portfolio Complete: September 2022

Helen Gadjilova is a Production Designer

Helen has a deep passion for art and film and has extensive experience in working on music videos and commercials. She is skilled at developing concepts and involved in set construction to ensure that it is decorated identical to the blueprint.

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Caleb Wissun-Bhide is a Cinematographer
India & London

Caleb's works on a variety of short-format projects such as narrative short films, mini-series, music promos, as well as commercials, branded content, and fashion films.

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Mark Vesterlund is a Film Editor

Mark started his career at Chimney in Singapore and Sydney learning the ropes from all aspects of post production. Today he has gathered close to a decade of experience from a vast variety of projects, formats and genres. Mark believes that strong audio and visual content has a profound ability to affect people, so that they question their surroundings and feel as a part of something bigger.

Discover Mark's Portfolio

Louis Jablonski is a Cinematographer

Louis has worked with several brands such as SAMSOE SAMSØE, BANG&OLUFSEN and ADIDAS. He works with a hybrid of naturalistic and gelled lighting and enjoys shooting in dark environments embodying the naturalistic and high-key scenes.

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