A selection of some Fabrik's best and boldest creators who joined the platform in Spring this year.

Portfolio Complete: Spring 2024

George Muncey is a Photographer, Director & Creative Director

In his primary capacity at *UNCANNY, collaborating closely with Elliott Elder, he provides comprehensive creative solutions tailored for musicians, brands, and a range of high-profile artists. Previously, he gained acclaim through a widely followed YouTube channel dedicated to photography, amassing an impressive 240,000 subscribers. His reputation extends to international solo exhibitions and the publication of various print works.

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Alice Canale is a Print Designer & Illustrator

Alice Canale, a freelance print designer and illustrator from Falmouth, Cornwall, draws inspiration from her rural upbringing in Sussex, where she was surrounded by nature. Graduating from Falmouth University with a degree in illustration, she kicked off her career in fashion, contributing her talents to renowned brands like Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam. Later, she served as the head of design for Desmond & Dempsey, a luxury nightwear brand. Transitioning to freelance work, Alice has collaborated with various clients, including H&M, Reiss, Gail’s Bakery, and Amazon Prime Video.

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Piers Goffart is a Director & Animator

Introducing Piers Goffart, the versatile storyteller hailing from Germany. Residing in Hamburg, Piers specializes in crafting character-driven narratives that span across various mediums. From immersive VR experiences to engaging TV shows and digital marvels, his creations resonate with audiences globally. Notably, Piers has collaborated with esteemed clients such as Meta, Bosch, E.ON, and others, showcasing his boundless creative prowess.

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Aljoscha Hoffmann is a Colourist

Aljoscha Hoffman is a Freelance Colorist based in Düsseldorf, Germany. His career began at VCC-Postproduction and Das Werk as a Color Assistant. Before transitioning to freelance work in 2021, he spent six years at CinepostProduction, a leading German posthouse, primarily working on movies and series. During this time, Aljoscha honed his technical and creative skills, contributing to over 90 long-form projects.

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Ollie Dahmen is a Cinematographer

Ollie Dahmen, a quietly influential cinematographer, subtly infuses stylized film content with captivating narratives for some of the globe's most renowned brands.

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Klára Rychtarčiková is a DOP

Klára is a talented DOP with a unique sense of style & portfolio to boot. Check out their portfolio for a selection of dynamic & original work for a real showcase in creative output.

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